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Which is the last thrilling video game?

Anyone can tell the latest most enjoying and thrilling video game. I am interested to playing game both online and offline. Moreover, tell me the game version also. Thank you.
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The last game that really drew me in (OCD, had-to-finish, where-does-the-plot-go level I mean) was Portal 2. I really enjoyed the game but I also really wanted to see where the story was going. Bioshock Infinite was like that as well, right up till the very end when it turned into an eye-rolling cliche of an ending (IMHO it thought it was being a lot cleverer then it actually was). Tomb Raider (2012 edition, they basically re-released the same game twice over since then!) was one I also wanted to really play just to see what was going to happen.

I've played a lot of games that I've enjoyed, but they were the among the few that really drew me in from a plot point.
Last game that I played from start to finish was Spider-Man for PS4, great game, better story than I expected. Not an RPG if thats what your looking for.
Spider-Man, God of War, Divinity Original Sin 2, Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles as example ^^ For me the past years were really good years^^
Dead Red Redemption 2 has been pretty great. Last one before that was probably Horizon Zero Dawn. Still haven't played God of War :(
Try to Blade of Darkness with a headphone. The music is so awesome that it will (or it may) scare you. When I played it the first time (around 15 years back and was very young), I had to play without headphones (or any music: muted). And it is a freaking awesome action game.
When in doubt, go further back. In preparation for Cyberpunk, I recommend the following vintage titles for netrunners and solos alike.

Shadowrun (snes)
Shadowrun (genesis)
Disks of Tron (arcade)
Tunnel Runner (Atari 2600)
Berzerk (arcade or 2600)
Syndicate (snes, genesis, or MS Dos)
Perfect Dark (n64)
NightShade (nes)
Jet Set Radio (dreamcast)
Technoclash (genesis)
Meanstreets (MS Dos)
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Latest one to really blow my mind has to be Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. It's an incredibly beautiful deep dive into the psyche of a person suffering from psychosis. It might seem a bit short with it's 6-8 hours playtime but in the end I think it was just the right length. Really an unforgettable experience.
Really enjoying SCUM. Pretty rough around the edges, still, but absorbing my free time nicely.

My other shout-outs are still in-dev, so that counts as "new" ;):

+ Rodina
+ Starsector
+ Stonehearth
+ Balrum
Anyone can tell the latest most enjoying and thrilling video game. I am interested to playing game both online and offline. Moreover, tell me the game version also. Thank you.
It really depends on your taste in games.
The latest game I would give the attributes "enjoyable and thrilling" would be Dark Souls 3.
The last 2-3 years were really meh in terms of new games, it's all about micro transactions and grinds.
I just realized I haven't finished a game in a long time... well not all games have an ending but anyways: This list doesn't have any titles after like 2015.

  • Starcraft - It's free now and I can still remember huge chunks of the campaign it has a certain flair I think it holds up even after all this time. RTS
  • Half Life - I think it's free now, creepy, weird, a classic. Ego Shooter
  • Mass Effect 1+2+3 - I really enjoyed my time playing, good times. There are a lot of versions though with add on's but just the updated versions without extras are fine. RPG
  • KotOR 1 + 2 - great Star Wars games... if they just had fashioned the new movies after those games. I think there are only the vanilla version. RPG
  • The Last of Us - watch this video, get creeped out and start playing
  • Heavy Rain - Play Station exclusive but awesome game where your choices matter, your characters can die without the game ending, there is no game over, life continues one of the games with the most emotional impact I've played. RPG
  • Portal - a puzzle game like no other just very good - is there a genre for this?
  • The whole GTA series. Action Adventure
  • XCOM Enemy Unknown with the Long war mod. I loved it, still playing it from time to time, but it is hard. Turn based tactical
  • Fallout 3 - maybe the best RPG I've ever played. Incredible soundtrack, no add on's needed.
I just checked and except Heavy Rain and XCOM every game I mentioned is also on this list and to be fair XCOM's predecessor is on the list.
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I discovered Wolfenstein: The New Order within the last year. Simplistic but a crazy fun action game with a solid story.