Why can't V just say "no" and stop the annoying blue pulsating markers?


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I'm don't like stealing cars for Mu. I did it a couple games and just don't like it. So, this game I had V steal the first car to see if V could tell Mu that stealing cars wasn't going to happen. No. "I'll think about it." The quest doesn't end, and the annoying blue pulsating icons still distract me on the minimap. There should be a way to shut those things off.
I dont find them too obtrusive.
Anyways, If you do enough of El Capitan's car theft missions he gives you a special quest.
I hate the fact that this lazy shitty type of gameplay was shoved into the game for seemingly no reason and I hope it isn't a sign of things to come with any sequel, but on the note of refusing gigs I wish a lot of the fixer gigs could be refused also. I know CDPR scrapped any pretence of this game being an RPG months before release, but it doesn't really make sense that my character can agree with Johnny about corporations being bad then also working to smear a journalist exposing corporate crimes or crying about their life being cut short whilst simultaneously being a hired murderer for people who did nothing wrong other than be someone's business rival. Most of the fixer gigs cheaply ignores this dilemma by making most of the targets cartoonishly evil, but not all of them. I recall getting the feeling that Dino was sending V to murder a bunch of people just for his personal gain, but that's just headcanon because CDPR never bothered to give any of the fixers any nuance or interesting character traits.

I know the response to this will be 'just don't do the mission', but that's not the point.
V is a merc, morality is optional. You try livin in Night City without bein a hypocrite sometimes. Most human beings are and just don't realize the extent of it til later, if ever. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch.

You're not actually contracted to kill anyone on the mission I'm thinking of from Dino, I'm not sure if the journalist really deserved it or not other being a freak and bothering everyone in the harbor, can't remember off the top of my head though.

You're kinda right about the cartoonishly evil thing, but there are at least a couple that I think most people actually get wrong, although it's understandable as to why.
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