Why did you kill stealth netrunning?

Especially since fights *rarely* last more than a minute towards endgame.

Again this thread boils down to someone having a hard time and insisting the game has wingclipped and hamstrung them, while most of us are complaining it's too easy and maybe they need to tone it down.
Well again, I can only speak for myself. It’s not that the new way is not effective, by all signs it is, but the mechanics of it is not as enjoyable to me as it used to be.

I believe that is the point many of the players are making.
Did a lot of stealth netrunning early on in my current playthrough and found it to be fairly forgiving. Yes, being traced sucks but as someone said earlier it makes sense given you're on the same digital network as the goons. Once you're mid-level and have access to the wider range of skill progression rewards in netrunning, self ICE cyberware, Sonic Shock quickhack (available early on), quickhacking through security cameras, and skills under the Intelligence attribute you should be ok. Using Sonic Shock first on almost every enemy gets tedious but it's definitely possible.

It sounds like you don't want to do any combat at all, which I get because stealth netrunning is fun and more importantly, it's what you were used to and had built your playstyle around. That's obviously and understandably frustrating.

Even as someone who loves a katana build I can't solely rely on that, I have to be more versatile to get through different enemy types and environments. Same thing with shotguns, I usually have 2 or 3 different ones at all times, but they can't be my only weapon. So even if you mainly stealth netrun you may also have to incorporate traditional stealth to get to certain enemies and minimize your chances of being traced.

I do agree that there should be some way to counter a trace though, that's fair. Even then it should only be available at the mid game. Or like someone else said if you just want to be OP then lower the difficulty.
yes I consider 18 endgame since i can hit the point of no return by low twenties when ignoring side missions, assaults, etc. Now if I'm playing as a completion ist then no, it's not endgame.
Man, if lvl 18 out of 60 was considered endgame and the game would have been balanced around that, do you know how big the shitstorm would be? This already high level of whining about the netrunning changes would be nothing against it. What you describe sounds more like an any% speedrun than what this game is supposed to be played.
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by the way It's not even true: try to kill a Militech Chimera ONLY with netrunning. LOL.

CDP ALWAYS nerf netrunners every time have the f urge to "balance" something...well, they are clearly not capable!
New hacking system is cr@p.
Chimera is a hard fight in a non stealth environment. Thats how it is, thats what the game throws you in and what you have to deal with somehow. It sounds like your char dies of allergy when he touches a weapon when it is clearly beneficial for him to survive.

I guess you will have a much harder time when you are a Katana guy against Chimera. And if you really want to kill Chimera only with hacks you just have to run in circles until your overload comes of cooldown- it is not that hard.
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I guess you will have a much harder time when you are a Katana guy against Chimera.
No, surprinsigly easy fight with a katana :)
When you stay below him and indeed avoid to be crush by its legs, Chimera can't hit you with any other attacks. With a Sandevistan, it's quite easy to avoid its melee attacks, turn a bit around him and keep attacking on the other side.
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