Witcher 2: Black Screen in Inventory/Character menu

Whenever I try to access the character menu or the inventory all I get is a black screen. This issue has been persistent throughout the years by now and everytime when I am googling for this issue the HUD is named as the solution. However turning on/off the HUD doesn't do anything for me. So the issue remains the same: Every time I try to access the character or the inventory screen the game turns to a black screen with only the cursor being left. Only way to shut it off is force canceling it using alt+ctrl+del. This makes the game literally unplayable.

I have already tried everything from playing under another operation system, with mods, without mods, turning on/off all graphic settings, starting in compability modes, switching graphic cards and drivers, re-installing the game as well as .NET Framework but nothing works. Is there a patch?
A few years before I installed the Enhanced Version my game was running fine. But now I have no possibility to go back since I lost my original CD over the years. So all I have left is the free backup from GOG. This seems to be completely broken.

Please help. I would really love to play the game once again :(
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