Witcher 3 no Voice Overs in Cutscenes and Gameplay

Hello I recently decided to install The Witcher 3 again, but I immediately ran into an issue. The launch cinematics are missing All voice overs, when you start the game all of the in-game cinematics are missing Voice overs as well. I can't connect wwise to see if there are any errors in the log, but this definitely makes the game unplayable for me. My sound settings are set in stereo, i tried verifying the game files on steam and re-installed the game, restarted the pc but to no avail - there is still no VO.

Does anyone else have this issue? How did you fix it?
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When you tried to resintall the game, you also removed manually all the files which aren't removed by the launcher ?
(Like these ones, which are probably not remived by Steam > C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\The Witcher 3)
If the "culprit" is a file here, reinstalling the game without removing these files won't change anything :(

Just for testing, did you try to set the game to another language to see if it's the same ?
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