Witcher 3 not fitting my screen after the Next-Gen update


so basically my problem is explained in the title. After the NG update and also after the hotfix, the game rejects to fill my screen, which is 1680x1050 (16:10). I've never had this issue befor (I started playing back in 2015), the option of this resolution is still in the selection in ingame settings so I obviously have it selected. I tried to switch to other resolutions and then back to the 1680x1050 but it didn't help... I also tried to restart my graphics settings in Geforce experience but this helped neither.

I have updated all my drivers recently and especially the GPU which I checked right before the release. Information about my setup is in the screenshot.

Thanks for any ideas on how to solve my problem, I really can't wait to hop into the game once again on fullscreen...

Best regards and merry Christmas



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