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The Triss content and the inconsistency of our romance's choice

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  • The Triss content and the inconsistency of our romance's choice

    First of all, this thread is the continuity of a discussion that took place here. (contains lots of spoilers)

    Second, there is a poll on reddit about the same thing,here. Please vote there too !
    There is also a steam thread here.


    Since this post is now huge, here a small recap to what we want, in order to help the REDs easily understand what this is about.

    The issue : We feel like Triss is put aside from the main story and the other characters. Choosing to romance her does not seems to have any major impact. This is especially true in act 3. The best example of it is the infamous "Well ?" we get whenever we want to interact with her.

    Some reasonable ideas to fix this :
    1 - One extra scene with Triss just before the final battle (Our preference is that we would like to able to give Triss back the Rose of rememberance with it blooming). It could look like this :

    thanks to @justname for the image

    2 - Npc's are more aware of our romance choice - example = In Act 3, Ciri, Zoltan, Dandilion and Triss/Yen (depending on romance choice) sitting round a table chatting and playing gwent----> They comment on Geralt and Triss/Yen romance here.

    3 - More Dialogue on the boat in Act 3.We think there really should have been some sort of minor confrontation between Yen and Triss for the last 2 years, atm only Geralt gets shouted at.

    4 - Brief dialogue with Triss at Kaer Morhenwhen we bring back Ciri and before the battle.

    5 - We feel that Triss and Ciri should have an interaction highlighting the Big Sister bond. - example = On boat in Skellige or in Chameleon they talk about Vesemir and the lodge --------------------------- Idea from @Trireme


    Now, some more detailed explanations.
    As you probably already know, there is different states, romance-wise, as to how The witcher 3 ends. You either end up alone, with Triss, or with Yen.

    The whole game introduce us to Yennefer and she spends a lot of time with Geralt. That is totally fine and how it should be since she is new to the witcher games. The whole point of this thread, by the way, is certainly not to criticize anything about Yen. REDs did a great job with her.

    However, as you probably already know too, in the first two witchers game the main love interest of Geralt was Triss. Of course, she’s back in Wild Hunt. But the thing is, even she’s there, even if we have some quests involving her, there’s definitely something that is missing. And it’s quite easy to understand what. Basically, when you reach Novigrad and meet her for the first time, you get a only one more opportunity to interact with her that might end up with a romance scene and the formalization of her as your lover depending of your choice. and that's it! no further interaction with her whatsoever. All right ! At least that part was great. Except for the fact that there was little to no explanation as to why Triss and Geralt broke up between w2 and w3. Anyway, when this ends, she says that she’ll head for Kaer Mhoren. This is where the problem starts though. In fact Triss is nowhere near Kaer Morhen before events that take place later (much later if you’ve done her questline right when it is available). On this particular issue, GingerEffect already answered:
    Originally posted by GingerEffect
    Why is she not at Kaer Morhen? She probably has other things to do as well. It's not like she owes you an explanation. She's still an independent woman after all. Maybe she still has things to take care of in Kovir?
    But, even when we reach the point where we are reunited with both Triss and Yennefer, well… pretty much nothing happens if we choose one or another. A lot of people know about the “threesome” scene that happens if we had romance with both. However, nothing similar happens if we choose Triss. Well, in fact, something does happens. A rather nice scene right before helping Philippa. However, that is the only moment in the second part of the game you get to have a chat with her. Besides that, there is absolutely nothing. Again, it seems that there is no consequences whatsoever about what just happened. If you ended up with the threesome, at least you could talk (even if it's just a very short dialog) with both Triss and Yen about it afterwards.

    Basically, there’s almost no more interaction with her at this point. Even though she’s your lover, you never feel like it is actually the case. Yen doesn’t make any comment on it, she and Triss don’t argue over you, you almost can’t talk to Triss. And when you do… Well, she hasn’t much to say. The worst is probably on the boat, where your other companions have things to say to you and Triss just stand there saying "Well ?" with no dialog options at all. Until the epilogue of the game, the romance choice we make doesn’t have any impact if we actually did a choice. Yet, there’s some things that would make you think otherwise, like the look Triss gives to Yen when she kiss Geralt in front of her. But again, this goes no further than that.

    The game make a great job at letting you feel the consequences of each of your decision. That’s the case for every side quest you can find. But when it comes to the romance part of the game, this is not the case anymore. Maybe from a very personal point of view yes, a bit. Just a tiny bit, definitely not enough. And not at all for the world around you. In fact, you only feel a consequence if you make no choice between Triss or Yen. That doesn’t make much sense to be honest.

    The other problem is that during the whole game, it feels like the devs push us toward Yen. Almost every NPCs acts like Yen and Geralt are together. Again, choosing Triss doesn’t change anything about that. And in fact, that's the problem here. You made a choice, but the world around you doesn't seem to care at all. The game doesn't care either, even if you just made an heartbreaking choice between Triss and Yen, you don't feel "rewarded" for it. It just moves forward, with a already established world state. It's almost like Triss wasn't really intended to be there in the first place. Maybe it's just a feeling born of disappointment. But there's too many things that seems wrong. Zaskar70 explained that extremly well :
    Originally posted by zaskar70
    I was a bit surprised and disappointed when I first got into the game to find out Triss was nowhere to be found since when I last saw her in the witcher 2 she had vowed to stay by Geralt’s side in his search for Yennefer no matter what happened. So right from the very start I felt they had dropped the ball as far as story was concerned. In my opinion it made perfect sense to have Triss with Geralt and Vessimere right in the beginning and would have meshed perfectly with the story from the Witcher 2 as it seemed important to Triss to help Geralt locate Yennefer.

    They should have had a short scene when Yennefer showed up with Triss telling Geralt not to worry etc etc and that she would ride on to Novigrad while he went with Yen to see the emperor. This would have made much more sense story wise to me. Yennefer shows up, Triss knows Geralt needs to sort through some things so she would have stepped back a bit and ridden on to novigrad alone where Geralt would catch up with her later.

    The decision to choose either Yennefer or Triss should have come much closer to the end of the game, I’m thinking probably on the boat in skellege right before the main battle with the whole romance thing building up to that point by having Triss and Yennefer together helping Geralt locate Ciri and not just one or the other at different times in the story.

    The Triss romance seemed to me like it was tacked on at the last minute, like they made the game with no option where Triss just sailed off to Kovir but then later decided they should give the players the option to choose. Character responses after the lighthouse scene with Triss seem to support this as almost every character talks like Geralt is still with Yennefer and even Geralt himself sometimes acts like he is still with Yennefer during some cut scenes.

    The largest indicator that the Triss choice was tacked on after the game was already made is the fact that every single character on the boat before the main battle in skellege has dialogue options except Triss, it pretty much proves that they never intended for her to be there and never had any voice actor dialogue for her in that situation done. They just threw her character on the boat after the fact when they decided to allow players to choose her over Yennefer.

    The Kaer Morhen thing was bullshit as well. Triss TOLD Geralt she would go to Kaer Morhen after the lighthouse scene to wait for him, after all she was being pursued by witch hunters and NOPLACE else would have been safe for her to be. Yet when we get there she is not there and Geralt doesn’t seem to give a shit even though he just told her he was in love with her, knows this woman he loves is not safe anyplace else, and she had told him she was going straight there.

    Wtf?.... this again proves that they designed the game with no romance choice involved and that Triss was supposed to sail away to Kovir, this is why Geralt doesn’t seem to give a shit that she is not at Kaer Morhen when she should be because in the game they designed before tacking on the Triss romance option Geralt knows she is safe on her way to Kovir.

    Instead of writing the Wild hunt story based on their previous games I think CDPR strayed too far into book territory forgetting their own story in the previous games until at the last minute someone over there was like, guys wait a minute Triss is a HUGE main character in OUR story even though she has a more minor role in the books we can’t release the game like this, hence the tacked on Triss romance option bandaid.
    So did Redemyr here. I'll quote one specific part though, about what happened when you go back to Kaer Morhen for the first time :
    Originally posted by Redemyr
    Upon returning home, I reloaded the game and felt like sh.t for breaking Yen's heart. Her sadness was so touching. It reminded me of a similar situation in which I had to break up with a gf in rl because I had fallen for another (and like in the game, against any fantasies I might have held, they would have definitively not shared). Upon returning to KM, however, I found out that unlike RL, instead of moving on Geralt was going to stay with his, rightfully so, annoyed ex gf. And the girl I had agreed to meet was nowhere to be found. His pals even asked about why Yen was in such a foul mood and Geralt explained he had broken up with her, yet weirdly enough there was no option to add in his reasons. Then the whole scene with the lifting of the curse happened and I was sent on my way again.
    And the thing is, as stated above, the world doesn't seems to care about Triss. She doesn't really feel like connected to the other characters of the main group.
    As stated before, there's almost no interaction at all between her and Yen for example. I don't think I should remember anyone that they were close friends, that they have history together about Geralt. Same is true for Ciri. Besides one line about her being her big sis', we get nothing at all. As levlevl89 stated, it's almost like Triss become some random NPC :
    Originally posted by levlev89
    But after this honeymoon moment, Triss turned into a brick without feelings, without anything. Just a Person without any soul. Just like a Guard in Novigrad. That makes no sense at all. Its just not understandable.

    Edit: Beside the really nice designed "Well? Well? Well?" is the final battle. When Triss walks by and just say "Good Luck". Thats so hilarious, i just sit here and thought "Wow, that was a nice advice, thanks. Maybe we never see each other again, but who cares right?"
    Now, before the game launched, we could have some fear about Yen and Triss opposition about Geralt could push us away from the main storyline, as wright1978 stated :
    Originally posted by wright1978
    Before the game came out people were worried about a Yen and Triss catfight over Geralt being present and it undermining them as strong capable sorceresses.
    It seems they ran to the opposite extreme by completely distancing themselves from the issue apart from when Geralt sleeps with them both.
    I was really hoping for Geralt and them to have a mature if frosty conversation on the choice. Could have happened where the threesome revenge sequence happened.
    But that is not the case, not at all.
    In fact, the whole romance choice we have doesn't live up the hype the thought of seeing Triss and Yen together. We have a choice, but it feels hollow. And Zeroscape explained that extremely well :
    Originally posted by Zeroscape
    As someone who happily went with Yen and appreciated the amount of content in Skellige that dealt with her, I totally get the Triss disappointment.

    It seems to me that the game should've placed a heavier emphasis on the Triss vs Yen romance, only being second tier to the Ciri content. In my mind, Geralt's story is just as much about him finding Ciri as it is about him making peace with his own life choices. Since this is the end to his story, we really needed to explore the fallout of W1 + 2's Triss relationship with his long time on-off tempestuous love for Yen. Sadly the game feels like it defaults to Yen and if you want Triss it feels like swimming against the current and then vanishes like people have stated here.

    It is, sadly, such a missed opportunity because it could've really shed a lot of light on Geralt's perspective on what he wants out of life now that he's at the end of his story. He's grown a lot as a character, much like the important women in his life and there should've been some serious talks or quests throughout the game to help you "figure things out" and choose what you want your Geralt to desire. Like people have suggested in this thread, moving the declaration of love scenes further down the road to give you a chance to reconnect with both love interests would've been best. That way you could even make a case that Geralt is tired of being pulled multiple directions and just choose to remain a solitary witcher. I really felt that the romance is a key component to Geralt's story and not just there for the sake of it because similar games have it too.

    Sadly for me the romance part felt more like a checkbox being ticked on things to include in the game rather than a conscious effort to make it an important part of shaping Geralt's ending. That's why Triss got left on the side since the resources were tied up giving Yen the spotlight, which made it seem she was the "proper" choice.
    And to stay on the topic of hollow romance, here's another quote that explains why adding more interaction with Triss does not only serves the relation between Geralt and her :

    Originally posted by Zeroscape
    (...) Yet the reason I am posting here is because I firmly believe that increasing the amount of dialogue that deals with Geralt's romance past-present-future, can serve to increase the player's investment into the main plot and the end of his journey. That includes more Triss content.
    Redemyr made also a quite interesting point in one of his post about that fact that maybe, the original storyline design would have Triss leave forever after the Novigrad event and waiting for us in Kovir. Now we can't jump to conclusion about that, but it's definitely worth a thought. Just like a small yet relevant ascertainment made by xxggxx right here.

    But still, it leads to a feeling we can hardly fully repress, that was well described here :
    Originally posted by xE1NSTE1Nx2049
    . I never expected them to give Triss exactly as many minutes of screen time as they did to Yen. But I would have expected them to put the same level of effort into it. Make the writing just as thoughtful, make the choices just as meaningful, make it just as rewarding/fulfilling. It just kills me - this feeling that they half-assed it.
    But please, if any RED reads this, remember there's a huge gap between how we can feel about something, and how we consider in all objectivity the work you've done. Because this work is astonishing, to say the least. In fact, the very fact that we care so much about something like Triss content just shows it already.

    So, long story short. How do you feel about the Triss content in the game ? Does it feels right to you ? Don't you feel some things are missing ? Some lines between her and Yennefer, some impact on the romance choice you've made ?
    Also, please, the point of this thread is not to start a war between Yen and Triss fans. As I said, we don't ask to change anything about Yen. Just add some things to Triss. The point is not to ask for more sex scenes either. Yes, I for one wouldn't mind another one between Triss and Geralt. But that's really not the main issue here.

    Ideas to fix this :

    Before anything keep in mind, our fundamental argument is not "add more Triss over Yen" but "make Triss actions and the world around us (commentary) make sense and not feel as if we made an incorrect choice"

    While keeping that in mind, so what could be done?

    Well, one idea that was actually quite nice comes from AdamSnow :
    Originally posted by AdamSnow
    In my perfect world, if a Djinn will ask me for a wish regarding the witcher DLCs or expansions, I would say, a short-but-sweet DLC in Kovir, where you can see some of the relationship of Triss & Geralt together, Ciri (Be it an empress, a witcher, or Avlach come instead) comes to visit and asks for help from both of them and they have a small quest, you could even end it with a sex scene for some more fan-service.

    Point is - a DLC for the romance option be it Yen or Triss is not that far fetched idea, all we need to prove is that people want it
    So yeah, A romance DLC could be really cool. It doesn't have to be Triss exclusive either. Make one for Yen too. The point is : Let us spent some time with the lover we chose. Time to sort things out, to talk about the past or the future. TO simply enjoy sime time with them. Hell, that could even be a good opportunity to have another intimate scene to satisfy everyone. =)

    To stay on the DLC topic, something like the Citadel one from Mass Effect is also one of the ideas that were mentionned a lot.

    DLC is an option, the expansions are another one. Why not let Triss join us in at least one of them ? It could because she's related to one of the character we will meet, for example. Or simply because you chose her as your partner. Adding Triss in a meaningful way into the expansions would be a good way to compensate the lack of her in the main game. This could also be the occasion the talk about the past, what happened between w2 and w3 for example. Anyway, there's plenty of possibilities there. And it's a good opportunity to do it, since those expansions do not have to be tied to the main storyline. As said in the expansions description, we should expect to meet characters both new and dearly missed. So, maybe some characters from w2 ? Iorveth maybe ? And given what happened in w2 (depending of our choices) and the role she played there, that would be the perfect opportunity to put Triss right next to Geralt.

    But some minor fixes could be done as well. Like adding a couple lines of dialog here and there, between Triss and Yen, Triss and Geralt. The obvious ones would be when we reach Kaer Morhen with Ciri and when we're all together on the boat. Or even before, by adding Triss the the witcher's keep right after the Novigrad events. This wouldn't drastically change the main storyline, yet it would make a huge difference in solving the inconsistency issue that is explained above. AdamSnow summed it up perfectly well :
    Originally posted by AdamSnow
    They should just make her show up on Kaer Morhen, even as by stander to UMA quest, but at least part of the drinking scene when vesimir goes to try and do his thing.

    While she is at Kaer morhen, this fixes the "See you in Kaer Morhen" inconsistency + adding more volume to her significance as one of the main characters, and provides potential commentary on "The Last Wish" quest & the whole Triss vs Yen relationship.

    This, and a small conversation before the last battle could go a very very long way.
    Another option would be to add some scenes involving Triss and Geralt. Maybe one quest or another that involve them but also their relationship.
    Eruvadhor explained that very well :
    Originally posted by Eruvadhor
    It would be nice to see one or several Triss quests in TW3 that involve Triss's personal life and interests. We can observe how the books feed into the Yennefer path, and with Triss so well established in TW1&2, it would enrich hers in a similar way. I think this is the root of a 'lack of mystery' some people see in Triss, that they don't envision her outside of Geralt's life.
    One idea that came back a lot is about the sunstone quest. Why couldn't we bring Triss with us instead of Philippa ? Now, it's easy to understand why we were forced to go with Phil. That's basically the only time you spend some time with her, thus allowing her to have a few minutes of required screen time and a couple lines of dialog. But still, why not giving us the choice ?

    The lack of Triss in the very last events that occur in the game is also disappointing. It would definitely be nice to see her a bit more involved in the last fights of Geralt and Ciri. That would totally make sense, especially if she's your lover at that point.

    Another idea is to enhance some scenes, add more dialogs to it or some other things. I think Sooxzay had a great idea about how they could have made the lighthouse scene even more beautiful than it already is :
    Originally posted by Sooxzay
    The best moment for the rose would have been if u tell her u love her. At the lighthouse when they start kissing the rose come back to life and Geralt gives the rose back to Triss. Literally.. my heart would have exploded there Feeling like a kid in love haha.. thats so amazing
    Which led to another quest idea by xE1NSTE1Nx2049 here.

    Trireme also made a great post as to how add more Triss without altering the main storyline. Since it's a bit long here's the link :
    But there was even more suggestions, here are some others that are worth a check :

    Here's an simple yet very interesting idea :
    Originally posted by Noobseals
    Besides, after end the main story, we can't find any main NPCs. I strong suggest CDPR to add these NPCs back with conversations. Geralt should say farewell to his friends since he is preparing to leave with Triss/Yen or alone at that moment.
    I think this is very witcher-like. A more subtle way to do it that I thought of (yet pretty much impossible given the various ending we can get) would have this farewell part done from a Ciri POV. It would have been great to see Geralt and Triss (or even Geralt and Yen) united from Ciri's eyes.

    Zeroscape gave some great ideas aswell. Since that's another wall of text coming, I'll simply put the link here

    So, what do you think about these possibilies ? Which ones seems to be the more realistic ? Or what would you like to see the most ? If you have other ideas, please don't hesitate to share them !

    ---------- Updated at 05:15 PM ----------

    Here are a few links on the subject worth a read :

    About how the game pushes you toward Yen, that every npc consider you're with her :
    About the lack of consistency of the Geralt/Triss relationship :
    About the strange continuity of events :
    About the difficulty to have two romances equally handled in the game :
    A few lines that could have been added, an idea about DLC :
    A promising way to handle the expansion/enhanced edition :
    About the fact that Triss does not seems connected to the main storyline :
    About the lack of interactions between Triss and Yen :
    About the lack of impact of our choices :
    More specifically, about the lack of impact of our choice in the Last wish quest :
    About the fact that Triss is not treated as she should given the first 2 games and how great CDPR made her :
    About the somewhat bizarre way of handling Triss in Kaer Morhen :
    About missed opportunities to include more of Triss in the world around us :
    Some interesting notes about the sex scene between Geralt and Triss :
    About the link between the books and the games
    An surprising yet quite interesting opinion from someone who only played w3 :
    About why this thread exists and the hope to see things change :
    About why it's important for this to be fixed, and why you should not hesitate to express your feelings about it :

    Now, so far there isn't much feedback from the people considering there was enough Triss in the game. One thing thing that came a couple of times though is the fact that Yen is supposed to be Geralt true love. There is an good answer from AdamSnow about that here. The point is :
    Originally posted by AdamSnow
    If I, at any point want to explore Geralt & Yen realtionship I got tons and tons of reading material exploring every possible aspect of their relationship. This however NOT the case with Triss - which to remind you this game is our last chance to experience her, her story and her relationship with Geralt.
    And I'd simply like to add that the issue here is not about who is true love to Geralt. The game let us choose between two women. Once we make that choice, each of them should be treated in the same way. It's simple as that.

    Vargeras stated an interesting opinion about the fact that in term of pure romance scenes, Yen doesn't get much more than Triss because the story is mainly focused on Ciri. That, in fact, the romance was quite low in the game. On that last part, I have to agree. But I still firmly believe this does not change the fact that the world does not take into account our choice, that Triss has way less interaction possibilities than Yen does. That she's not connected to the main storyline the way Yen is.

    Also, something else I wanted to quote about Yen and Triss :

    Originally posted by Tishen-13
    I am on Team Yennefer but I think Triss should have had more content outside of Novigrad. CDPR spaced out romantic content for Yennefer throughout the game with the flirting and complimenting. The same is not true for Triss. I still think that Yennefer should have more content because she is Geralt's true love in the books and this is her first appearance in the the game but Triss' romantic content should have been spaced out better.
    That's pretty much it. Now, both Triss and Yen are very different. Yen is more likely to flirt with Geralt every time she has a chance to. Based on the character, Triss wouldn't act like that. However, it doesn't change the fact that she should be able to at least interact with us, in her own way. Again, the boat example is the first that comes to my mind.

    And one last thing ! This post is in the story section because of the spoilers it contains. There is another post by Waratah in the main Wild hunt section about getting an expansion focusing more on Triss. Don't hesitate to check it aswell ! :

    To conclude, a simple sentence that sums up things pretty well :
    Originally posted by Redemyr
    What they made, it was perfect. It is what they didn't, creating a hole in the narrative, that's the problem.
    And on a positive note, I'd like to quote Sunblind :
    Originally posted by Sunblind
    You guys should have faith.

    I mean even with all those issues we are discussing here wasnt the game amazing? It for sure was. Look around these forums,even when people are discussing their gripes with the game, there is a great percentage of posts that go smthn like “well, this was truly exceptional game, i never cared this much for characters/story, now if only tra-la-la-la was a little bit better”. Not saying its all flowers and ponies, there is some blind bias and over zealotry even in this thread, just want to point out that the level of hatred is unusually low and the level or appreciation is remarkably high.

    For me personally the fact that i decided to post something on forums after 10 years of never posting anything anywhere goes to show just how good this game was and how much it made people care.

    So where i am going with all this is that this game should be the biggest success for CDPR to date. Like i dont have any relevant information, so this is just a baseless assumption, but can that not be true?

    Now CDPR themselves explicitly stated that for them 2015 and 2016 will be the Witcher years. They have both the time and the resources. Besides upcoming DLCs and Expansions, for their previous 2 games they made EEs that fixed some of the issues people were having, what are the odds they are not going to do the same for their biggest game yet? With this topic being so huge what are the odds they ignore the issue that is such a big deal for so many people?

    Im reasonably certain something will be done, the question is when? Personally i would gladly wait for however long is needed, be it a year or two, just to have something that is done well.
    And as xE1NSTE1Nx2049 said :
    Originally posted by xE1NSTE1Nx2049
    I'd like to state again, to any guests browsing this thread or who feel strongly about it, please create an account (takes like 30 seconds) and vote at the top. You don't have to come in and join the discussion although all reasonable comments are welcome.
    We got an answer from the REDs ! And it's good ! :

    Originally posted by Marcin Momot
    Just to let everyone know. We pay very close attention to everything you guys write in this thread. We will be addressing this situation by adding/changing some dialogue stuff in the future - more info on this will come later so pardon my scarce input for the time being. This should help with the immersion. And once again, thank you all for your valuable feedback.
    Originally posted by GingerEffect
    Since Marcin has updated you a little, I'd like to add a bit to that, since apparently some people seem to believe this particular issue is getting preferential treatment.

    Here is the thing. The major thing. I know it's gonna be a shock to some but...we are not perfect. (LEGASP!!!!!)

    The biggest issue that we as a team identified with the Triss situation is that the current implementation does not really represent the very core design philosophy we hold dear. Namely, that your choices carry consequences and those consequences WILL present themselves to you.

    As it has been stated in the opening thread, the consequences of choosing Triss are not adequately represented. This was something that was brought to our attention by this thread. We went back and looked at it again and realized that yes, this is indeed an inconsistency and one that deserves our attention. So we sat down, took our notes from your suggestions and checked what is viable to do. The result of that is what you will eventually see.

    To the people who are somehow annoyed that we will correct the inconsistent consequences that are currently present in the Triss romance I say this: Please understand that this is not a case of us changing something simply because fans want it. This is because fans alerted us to something which we, internally, discussed (hence the long silence in between replies) and eventually agreed that it did not fit our core philosophy of including consequences to the choices the player can make.

    In any case, I hope this clears things up a bit and puts a rest to the infighting about which issue deserves what kind of attention.

    Now, off to work!
    So long story short, changes are coming !

    Bonus :
    Here comes a couple of funny things posted in the thread :
    Then, last but not least, a very nice video for all the Triss lovers out here :
    Originally posted by 0nakita
    One last word... Thanks everyone for the feedback given so far. It would be impossible to name everyone who gave interestings ideas and made this thread successful. As it is impossible to quote everyone in the OP. However, I'd like to mention @AdamSnow who's given me a lot of input about the OP and some good advices on what to add to it and @0nakita for constantly keeping me up to date with what was happening in the thread.
    Dissatisfied from the lack of Triss content and want more
    I don't care at all
    There was enough of Triss in the game
    I don't like Triss
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    Great post @shaedhen sums it up very well. =)


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      I am on Team Yennefer but I think Triss should have had more content outside of Novigrad. CDPR spaced out romantic content for Yennefer throughout the game with the flirting and complimenting. The same is not true for Triss. I still think that Yennefer should have more content because she is Geralt's true love in the books and this is her first appearance in the the game but Triss' romantic content should have been spaced out better.


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        Thanks for taking the time to sum it all up. Great job @shaedhen


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          Originally posted by Tishen-13
          I am on Team Yennefer but I think Triss should have had more content outside of Novigrad. CDPR spaced out romantic content for Yennefer throughout the game with the flirting and complimenting. The same is not true for Triss. I still think that Yennefer should have more content because she is Geralt's true love in the books and this is her first appearance in the the game but Triss' romantic content should have been spaced out better.
          Thanks, nice to know that even Yen fans are getting what we are feeling


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            Originally posted by AdamSnow
            Thanks, nice to know that even Yen fans are getting what we are feeling
            See I told you earlier... You would have to hate Triss as a character to not understand this. When more people start to finish the game this will only grow.


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              First post on the forum, Hi guys

              I feel the same, not any focus on Triss, the rest of the story was so amazing, that this was a surprise.
              I thought "the pyres of Novigrad" did a fine job on catching up with "their thing" - but everywhere else it was like Geralt and Yen was a couple.

              There was a cool moment when Phillipa notes on it: something about Triss Yen and Ciri being the women in Geralt's life, where they actually discuss his choice of leaving Yen.


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                Originally posted by AdamSnow
                Thanks, nice to know that even Yen fans are getting what we are feeling
                I like Triss a lot in the games. She genuinely seems to care for Geralt, gets along well with lots of people and is a busty redhead. Thing is, I am a sucker for Ice Queen bitches with a soft heart for people they care about. Examples include Morrigan and Miranda Lawson. So I like Yennefer a lot. Triss is still right up there as one of my favorite female character in video games, though. Plan to have Geralt romance her in the next TW3 playthrough.


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                  Originally posted by Black_Company
                  First post on the forum, Hi guys

                  I feel the same, not any focus on Triss, the rest of the story was so amazing, that this was a surprise.
                  I thought "the pyres of Novigrad" did a fine job on catching up with "their thing" - but everywhere else it was like Geralt and Yen was a couple.

                  There was a cool moment when Phillipa notes on it: something about Triss Yen and Ciri being the women in Geralt's life, where they actually discuss his choice of leaving Yen.
                  Welcome to forum! Hope you stay in the discussion.


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                    I get what people are saying even on skellige later in the game, everyone has some dialogue except triss she just stands there and says " Yes " when you try to talk to her. Want to talk to Yen, other sorceresses and hell even some random peasant? Np we've got dialogue for you, seems triss fans got screwed over, sadly =(


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                      I think both women should have had more content, not just Triss. Yennefer fans have been waiting all this time. It's only fair she gets more.


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                        Originally posted by KamosUK
                        I get what people are saying even on skellige later in the game, everyone has some dialogue except triss she just stands there and says " Yes " when you try to talk to her. Want to talk to Yen, other sorceresses and hell even some random peasant? Np we've got dialogue for you, seems triss fans got screwed over, sadly =(
                        They just keep on coming @Double_Oh_Snap !


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                          @shaedhen Great starting posts.
                          I would however like to underline the fact that Triss has, besides her interactions with Geralt being somewhat lacking, very few interactions with other characters and/or interactions that tie into the story. But it has excessively been discussed in aforementioned other thread, so I'll keep it at that. I think my post here illustrates my point the best.

                          Originally posted by shaedhen
                          Originally Posted by GingerEffect:
                          Why is she not at Kaer Morhen? She probably has other things to do as well. It's not like she owes you an explanation. She's still an independent woman after all. Maybe she still has things to take care of in Kovir?
                          As for this reason, I personally find it unsatisfying. While Triss being independent is one of the characteristics I really like about her, I don't think she has more important plans than finding Ciri and being with Geralt. Ciri is suppose to be her 'little sister' and she's suppose to care about her a lot. So why would she all the sudden simply disappear?
                          While I get it from a game perspective, it at least requires an explanation if you ask me.

                          Anyway, go team Triss!
                          CDPR please throw us a bone and add some extra/more Triss content, otherwise I might find myself obliged to throw a Trissy fit
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                            Originally posted by AdamSnow
                            They just keep on coming @Double_Oh_Snap !
                            This is only the beginning my friend just wait


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                              Yeah, I was quite disappointed with the lack of Triss in W3. It just feels that after the love scene, anything Triss related just stops. Sure you have Yen throwing a fit in Kaer Morhen, but after that when you try to talk to Triss all you get is "Well?". So yeah there's definitely a need of more Triss in W3.