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Ummm where did you take the information that these are the best leaders ? o_O

Dont look at the top, look at the bottom of the lists... Which is the faction that has their lowest winrate ability in the best position? NG, with Imprisonment, and that is from January, on February patch that ability was buffed, i believe.

Lets not forget the NG VWMentor accidental buff this month, so expect the Season of Love board to be even more NG dominated than that one i posted.
Ummm where did you take the information that these are the best leaders ? o_O

I wouldn't say they are THE best, but they for sure are the most consistent and bring forth the most value without too much setup or conditions. Tactical Decision is Mill's best leader. Imposter deprives the opponent of an engine while also turning it against him. Enslave steals an engine. Double Cross can copy a card from your opponent's hand and provide 17 provisions which is quite a lot. I think only Imperial Formation is a bit underwhelming and most likely Lockdown will be from now on. 13 provisions is a bit too little after this rather severe but deserved nerf.

Edit: Forgot about Imprisonment, another weak NG leader ability. Although it got buffed and I've seen some players spamming locks like mad.
Yeah, the reason why I ain't a fan of Fleder is because of the vitality. Vitality is good if it lasts for 3-4 turns, especially in first round which usually tend to be short. Too much vitality early on in the game is wasteful. Vitality is good when it is in small amounts, but spread among more units. NR's Shani is the best at that.
I see fleder as another bleeding payoff. its basically a 5p garkain that can boost even after all bleedings exceed. just a solid 1p engine I guess.
Amazing patch and an amazing direction the game is taking. Really very happy about it.

While I am extremely EXTREMELY happy about the ST trap support and my favorite boy Hattori, the game is going to be too violent with so many powerful cards. Vampires may get 'Detlaff treatment' once more "unacceptable playrate with unacceptable winrate". But then I see all the new legendaries and all are insanely powerful. With Lockdown removed (good f**king riddance), the no unit decks may become meta to counter all these insanely powerful cards? I am just guessing.

With all these crazy cards, it will take a long time for the meta to settle. Hopefully it will be good.

But, in the end it leaves me with one question. Why does 8 for 5 on deploy (with laughably easy conditions) is the norm for SK and not for any other factions?
King Foltest looks like specially made for commando deck

And no support for siege engine, but hey tunnel drill is buffed, guess I will be playing crownsplitter deck.
I mean.. Half the reason why people play lockdown is because every other NG leader sucks, and I'm not sold on this reworked one. So now we are simply back to playing leaders weaker than everyone else's lol. Forget reworking lockdown, might as well just delete the faction.
On the surface, a lot of very nice changes. Lockdown needed to go. Funplayers like me just sigh when you face them, even if you nearly always beat them lately, it's just not fun. And if they really want, they can still concoct something similar where their ability is reusable.

I fear that at least some of the new cards will result in crazy sh/t happening, but I guess that is to be expected.

But traps gets to be playable again. Arguably it always was, but when you faced someone who kinda knew what they're doing, you just lost. Now there's more agency and choice.

But props to the team: it looks like they actually thought this through this time.

Dont look at the top, look at the bottom of the lists... Which is the faction that has their lowest winrate ability in the best position? NG, with Imprisonment, and that is from January, on February patch that ability was buffed, i believe.

Lets not forget the NG VWMentor accidental buff this month, so expect the Season of Love board to be even more NG dominated than that one i posted.
They may be the best compared to the other trash leaders but that doesn't make them good. They are miles behind the other factions' best leaders after Lockdown and IF got killed.
NG not having a spy leader anymore remains an issue. It makes the whole archetype feel off and no amount of reworked golds will fix that. Imagine if all those MO bleeding cards didn't have a leader to go alongside them, this is what is currently happening to spies.
while I'm glad lockdown is gone (I insta forteited quite a number of matches lately simply bc of being annoyed by its playrate) but I agree NG has the most shitty leaders in the game. and NG is like my 2nd least played (and favorite) faction
I also fear they went overboard with the new Vampires and agree that the changes to Lockdown make it absolutely unusable; only 13 additional Provisions for an ability that does practically nothing against a number of decks seems ridiculously bad. Everything else looks great though.
Cadaverine will spawn a base copy? Seriously? That's way too good for 9 provision Tactic that poisons a unit. Unless I misunderstand the effect... I don't like the effect.

Everything else is great. :)

imagine this, ball->rodrerick -> pulls cadaverine->spawn fangs of the empire and poison a unit -> cadaverine poisons again said unit destroy its and pawn a base copy of it
I'm so hyped and so happy about this change. Thanks CDPR and moreover thanks to the staffs who update the release note. I saw it mentions what it change from and to now. This is very useful. <3
Cause he is already good for 4 provisions.
Not really, I doubt it will see any serious play once people know how to build Vampires, however there are enough good cards as is, so it being a bad version of Magne does not matter.
Maybe I am wrong and Portal is good enough to see some play (in a vacuum), however Portal is ok'ish with it and breaks Devotion (for Unseen Elder).
imagine this, ball->rodrerick -> pulls cadaverine->spawn fangs of the empire and poison a unit -> cadaverine poisons again said unit destroy its and pawn a base copy of it
On a top tier unit like Gezras this could be quite insane not sure we desperately needed a another different version of Yenn Invocation. :giveup:

Playing lockdown will now become a lot more tactical for both players with finding the right time to use the leader skills and you're tactic will highly change depending on the Leader you face especially with the introduction of Anna Henrietta I think lockdown could become a bigger threat than a lot of players currently assume and they already confessed in the overview video that the provision bonus is probably a bit to low so there most likely will be a buff in the next update if it shouldn't perform well.

All the "new Leader Cards" look really interesting but I kind of doubt that they will be healthy for the game and a lot of the stuff introduced with the last expansion still feels way overtuned, I guess I would had preferred it if they focused on a healthy balance first before they introduced new overtuned Card's but I guess we have to wait and see how the meta turns out to be.
Amazing patch, lots of good stuff, interesting archetype revival attempts, Lockdown nerf should've happened a long time ago.

Too bad very little was done about the worst offenders, such as NR Solitaire Witchers or SK Warriors - a couple of cards losing Warrior tag is laughable - what is the upshot, that they can't be tutored with the Blood Eagle and don't trigger pings by the Big Viking Guy? Bah, biiiiiig nerf.

The worst of all, Madoc, and more generally, no-unit degeneracy still are around, SC version, being the most awful of them all, isn't gonna be any weaker (and, in fact, we're about to taste another flavor of this fun gameplay with traps).

Like, why do we even still have interactive units with non-deploy abilities in this game? What is the point?

I thought that the the Double Ball yoke should've taught devs that being able to generate decent points while simultaneously hard-removing something from your opponent's side just isn't a super healthy game dynamic, yet here we are again.

Discard Deck Currently I have a Blaze of Glory Hyperthin deck. Probably will get rid of the Hyperthinners Triss and Yen and replace by Eist Turiseach.

Card evaluation:

Eist Turiseach: To my mind the whole discard archetype makes most sense with Blaze of Glory as you can put your high body bad deploy cards (Jutta, Greatsword, Bear witcher adept, Bear witcher) to graveyard via discard and use them later with Sigrdrifa's Rite and Hjalmar an Craite. Of course there´s the tradeoff outstanding whether you should use Onslaught/Patrimonial Fury as Bloodthirst enabler. Without bloodthirst Eist easily gets into removal range. Furthermore he will be best used in round 3 due to its Veteran. In best cases he can have the following value in round 3: 5 (body) + 12 Jutta + 10 Greatsword which would be a 28 for 11.
His devotion also makes most sense with Blaze of Glory.

Pirate deck: Currently I use a Greatsword massacre pirate/ship deck + Reckless Flurry. I am very convinced by the new cards but not sure which leader best helps. Probably it will be Rage of the sea.

Card evaluation:

Crach an Craite: Main challenge is to have at least 3 pirates or ships in hand for the armour boost. So you really have an incentive to focus on this tags during deck building. Both ships and pirates are not focusing on greety strategies. Thus, you have incentives to focus on control strategies.
I see amazing synergies with Terror of the Seas (+2 armour) and of course Holger Blackhand must be an autoinclude in this deck.

Dimun Smuggler:
One more summoner (but the only 1 card summoner with only 3 body) and a weak order which makes him basically also a 8 for 5. Will probably be considered in pirate/ship deck.

Dimun warship:
Really like the rework but greatsword massacre looses one important enabler. To get the most of this card you need a bronze pirate in graveyard (best An Craite Raiders, Dimun Corsair, Tuirseach Invader, Dimun Pirate) and 4 pirates to trigger his deathwish (maybe cards like Terror Crew Plunderer speed his deathwish up). Probably it will be difficult to get the most of this card. But interesting and worth a try and a hello to the first non MO deathwish unit.

Additionally I appreciate all the nerfs (Ursine ritual, less warriors)


Card evaluation

King Foltest
: Here Blue Stripes Commando is one strategy affected by King Foltest. I am worried that this gets to strong as he has a body of 7 and can be removed difficult. Blue strips commando is currently already a strong strategy and will get much stronger through him.
Additionally targets made be Dun Banner.

Queen Meve: Not really convinced by her. In swarm strategies bone talisman is the safer choice as it might be difficult to keep her inspired long enough. Maybe she makes sense when NR swarm also want to focus on devotion. But currently do not see much swarm/devotion synergies.

The other changes are fine. The Lyrian Scytheman and Vesemir (Neutral) nerf will significantly tackle uprising griffin swarm´s dominance.


My dwarf deck which was not doing a bad job will definitely welcome Brouver Hoog. Traps I mostly use for artefacts but they will get stronger. Nevertheless I think that traps need still more support to get competitive.

Card evaluation

Brouver Hoog: To my mind he is the stronger Gezras. Less provision. No adrenaline. Much higher body (due to armour). Of course he only tagrets armoured dwarfs, but I do not see many problems getting them with Mahakam Forge.

Dwarfen chariot:
Armour gets more important for dwarfs, but still not sure whether this is a nerf or a buff as no bonded dwarf spawn means less targets for Munro and Zoltan.

Eldain: Probably best synergizes with Deadeye ambush + Vernossiel as a finisher.

Eibhear Hattori: Also a strong one

Saskia: Never ever would use her in harmony as her deploy destroy one harmony enabler.


The most obious target deck of this expansion are spies. I used them a lot in the early days of MM but no I use them only rarely (for assimilate and Brathens). Anna Henrietta might find some spaces in Assimilate (maybe as a replacement for Angoulême). The nerf on lockdown and Kolgrim might significantly shift the meta and a few tier 2 NG decks will disappear.

Card evaluation

Anna Henrietta: Many stated that this is too strong. I do not consider her to be strong. She´s a RNG card and her success heavily depends on your opponents chosen leader (her deploy will be almost worthless in case of Ursine Ritual, many SY leaders, Pincer Maneuver) and have only limited value with leaders like Nature´s Gift, Stockpile, Battle Trance, Mobilization,
Arachas Swarm, Enslave, Overwhelming Hunger, Precision Strike.
She is to my mind an option to Angouleme in Assimilate (His success also heavily depended on whether your opponent uses an artefact or not) but in total not more than a fun high-risk high? reward card.
Of course in Assilimate she adds the most value if she targets a spawer leader like Patrimonial Fury.
Additionally, you should not forget that playing her usually more or less requires playing your leader first.

Emhyr var Emreis: From my perspective the strongest new card. He synergizes so nicely in spy decks via helping those units getting intense value: Seditious Aristocrats, Impera Enforcers + Ramon Tyrconnel, Thirsty Dames and always finding nice targets for conspirancy (Coup de Grace)
Combined with False Ciri his Devotion can also add intense value

Cadaverine: Might serve some purposes in poison decks

Kolgrim/Viper witcher mentor: I apprectiate viper witcher mentors renerf but I am afraid that deck spamming gets not competitive after Kolgrims nerf.


The most I like the crownsplitter support . Probably I will design a deck soon (but with which leader? Probably
Lined Pockets, Jackpot or Blood Money, Pirate Cove). Maybe a challenge is finding enough spenders.

Card evaluation

Cleaver: Nice idea to have a conditional Intimidate 3 card who can also used as a spender in case of copin excess.
Best synergizing crownsplitters: Sir Skewertooth, Crownsplitter Thug and of course Halfling Safecracker. The Sausage Maker might also be a option as you can benefit twice or even three times from the Crownsplitter tag.

Also you need many crime cards. Swindle might be worth a try due to crownsplitter support

Tunnel drill: Will definitely be more competitive now and should be given a try.

Whoreson Junior: He can be a great control tool but can also really suffer he he can not target a boosted unit. His fee option might be nice to target units behind defenders (e.g. Vysogotta).
Funny, a lot of players admiting they insta forfeit against lockdown, but the forum's white knight only tell to me take a break from the game.

I like the patch, but i agree i think they should first balance the old cards and than give us new card. Next month problably we will need another balance patch because the new cards (probably) are too strong
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