Today a new player had troubles distinguishing cards while opening kegs. The reason is the player is colorblind.
While we help the player in discord it currently isn't easy to distinguish the factions on cards as the lost their old borders which were unique to the faction.
The only two things that are currently available are the colors of the banners and the provisions or the background behind the name/category which are often hard to see with the name taking up most of the space.

(black & white example)

I made a quick template the user can use to see the faction on his own.

It is obviously not ideal and Monster+Neutral cards almost share same pattern but it should help for a start.

Since I do run a card database I added a colorblind option which adds a faction icon to the card.

What could be added to the game to help colorblind players? What I did was just a quick thought I came up with hoping it could help somebody.
I obviously do not have the knowledge when it comes to this because colorblindness can variate a lot.

This is just one group of players who require these things. Currently deaf players are completely denied of the voice lines a card says during the games.
This is strange since leaders do have a textbox with a written response. This could easily be implemented for cards too.

I'm sure people who are affected can give a better opinion on this topic.
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have any thoughts on this?
I've had trouble telling card rarities apart by color the whole time (specifically rare and epic - red color receptor deficiency makes it hard). It's definitely an issue. I also have issues distinguishing Neutral and Scoia colors above (and to a lesser extent NR and Skellige). However, it's never been as big a deal for me as witcher senses were before they implemented colorblind options.
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