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Aver said:
You know what is sad? That only 48% of people killed Kayran. So less than half of people beat 1/3 of the game.

Also less than 30% of game owners finished the game. And less than 70% of players finished prologue!
I think the Steam stats are based upon everyone who owns the game, not necessarily everyone who has played it. I don't know how normal my situation is, but I often buy a lot of games really cheap during massive Steam sales and then I don't get around to playing some of the games for quite some time after I've bought them.

Aver said:
a little tacky there. For games I like, I'm a bit of a trophy hunter on PS3... and I've been enjoying not having that little monster on my shoulder playing TW games. It's felt more immersive, as everything I've done is because I've made the choice, not because I'm trying to farm kills or hit 5 of the same in poker... oh well. I don't have a 360 so not really an issue for me (is it wrong that I'm still tempted to get the sweet TW2 boxset for a game I can't play? :p )
I agree. I'm kind of glad I got the retail version of TW2 instead of Steam so that I don't have to worry about achievements while I'm playing the game (it irritates me if I miss an achievement due to a bug or something like that). Having said that, I probably will eventually get the game on Steam as well once it gets really cheap and I get too lazy to dig through my discs when I want to install it :p For games that I really like, I feel better having them in two or three different formats in case something happens so that I have a backup way to play the game.
dragonbird said:
It won't be entirely accurate, because
- if you play offline, your achievements don't EVER get uploaded. (Some Steam games store the info locally and update the next time you go online, but not TW2). There's no benefit in being online with TW2 as the overlay doesn't work, so there'll be a lot who stay offline. There's also a fair number of people like me who stay offline permanently because of potential internet downtime. They'll show in the initial "starting" figures but not in the later "finishing" ones.
- There's been at least two game versions where the achievements stopped working, so anyone who played during these period won't be showing stats.
Even if it somehow inacurate then still around 30% of players dropped the game between end of prologue and Kayran and that is very disturbing.
Aver said:
Even if it somehow inacurate then still around 30% of players dropped the game between end of prologue and Kayran and that is very disturbing.
For most of the games that I have which have Steam achievements, looking at the Global Stats a relatively high percentage started the game and then it drops heavily for each progressive mandatory achievement. For example with Arkham City it says 88% of people got an achievement right near the beginning of the story but only 43% got the achievement for defeating the final boss. Or with Deus Ex: Human Revolution 88% got the achievement for taking down their first enemy (very hard to miss at the beginning of the game), but only 67% defeated the first boss, 54% defeated the second boss, 46% defeated the third boss, and 45% got to the end.

It's true that TW2's numbers are a little lower, but the Steam version had a lot of trouble with patching which could have put people off the game until the patching got sorted out, and I think most of TW2's sales were at retail anyway (whereas Human Revolution requires Steam) so most players aren't even counted in the Steam achievement stats. Also, a lot of people could have started the game after getting it on the Christmas sale and then found out about the Enhanced Edition and decided to wait for the complete game, so it will be interesting to see if the percentages go up once the Enhanced Edition comes out.