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AI Is Horrible



AI Is Horrible

Can't find the original post I wrote but will do this again.......

The Ai in this game is shit. Here's why:

There is no AI - only something that resembles AI. Computer does terrible decisions:
a) instead of going to a nearby city, in a region which only has foul fate obstacle, they do afast rravel to a region which has a gold monster, they draw foul fate card as a result of the fast move and fight a gold monster - and AI is terrible at fighting - resulting in a severe wound or foul fate tokens. Also, AI gathers the same clues from the location with the gold monster as it could do from the location with the foul fate obstacle. There is no logic.

b) AI rarely develops character, and rarely uses their special ability - Triss almost never prepares spells, Geralt almost never brews potions etc.

c) AI cannot use skills effectiely, does not use free skills to save them from loosing a fight - I saw Dandelion not using his skill that allows him to convert dodge on his hero dice into 2 shields- which 80% of the time is enough to not lose the the defence part of the fight. I saw him using it one time, and not using it the next 5 fghts - even with bronze monsters. Geralt and Triss barely use their spells or items, and Yarpen - I only saw him ONCE use a single item. Never, have I seen him using his weapons - I didn't even know he had any untill I played him.

d) AI never gathers the proper clues. I saw dandelion with 5 red clues, and he needed only the other ones for his quest, and only one support mission needed 3 red clues - but no other character had anything that would make Dandelion need more than 3 red clues. He had no other colors on him. Why would he do that? It's like clue gathering is completely random.

e) AI never chooses to avoid fights (either with skills, or moving out of a dangerous region). I've seen all the characters just enter regions with 2 gold monsters with no skills prepared and loosing constantly fights with gold and silver monsters - all this time, other regions had only foul fate or a bronze monster or nothing at all. AI never tends to stay in one region - so they never take advantage of the safe region with easy obstacles . A gold moster in next city? I'm there.

f) AI never heals wounds or tries to get rid of multiple foul fate tokens. When AI takes a wound - it mostly goes about it's business and doesn't heal, it only moves to the healing locations when their random choice takes them there. This allows for multiple AI to go around sporting several heavy wounds - oftem making them stuck in a location: AI has so many wounds it looses victory points and is unable to perform actions - so it heals one wound, and does not move out or perform any safe actions - and is stuck in a gold monster region - it fights the monster, looses the fight and gets another heavy wound. I've seen AI being stuck for multiple rounds - healing 1 wound, loosing a fight - and draining their victory points to zero. Usualy there is only one AI per game which is able to gather any victory points - since two others are loosing so mamy fights - their victory points are zero. This happens usually in 2 out of every 3 games I play - AI never heals unless there is no other option. Yarpen and Triss are the key ones that do this. I only once played a game where Yarpen was able to gather points - usually he is in the 0 range.

h) AI never rushes or tries to actually perform their main or optional missions - they do them when by chance they manage to gather the needed number of proofs, but besides from that? They gather mostly random clues. When they reach the favorable amount by chance - good for them, but sometimes they are stuck with ocmpletely useless colors of clues for their main or optional mission.

The ONLY mechanic that actually works - is the support quests. AI usally fulfills all the support quests with no problem. Even being able to move directly towards you when they are able to perform your support quests - although I've seen AI stop and backtrack so it may be also randomized and just by chance they go where I am. But there is never an unfulfilled support quest for long, and all of them are done before AI or the player is done with the main mission. They even managed to do all the quests of other AI players before I was. This is the only mechanic that actually works as intended - AI has no problem with those.

I've tried writing about this on Steam, GOG, here & your facebook page but never get any kind of reply. At this point it feels you don't give a shit because you already got my money. I will NOT buy anything from CD Projekt Red from here on out simply because you cannot be bothered to address this issue.
I do agree that the AI is awful. It's a fun game, but there's never any doubt about the outcome. Finding opponents for multiplayer is near impossible so a more difficult AI would be nice. I would play more. Maybe even some difficulty settings?


You do know you can hotseat with people in the same room? Makes multiplayer a lot easier to arrange.

AI is much better than it was. Still not a *huge* challenge, but not quite as thick as two short planks as the first attempt was.


I couldn't agree more with OP. Please do something about it. I like this game and it would be much more enjoyable with a real challenge. I know your hands are full with witcher 3 but how hard for your people is to program a sensible ai for a freakin board game when you're creating open world complex miracles? Geez, I too have a feeling you don't care much about this game. However, it was nice to see you updated this a bit after such a looong time.

Fix the AI,