Android Update (Master Mirror) stopping at 15-25%

My Updater in the App-Store just stops downloading at 15-25%. I can stop the download, start a new one, same happens. Started phone again, same thing. Any tips?
Anyone else on Android having problems?
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I uninstalled the App and installed Gwent again, works now.
Thanx for the feedback, I was thinking to do that but wanted to see if I could avoid to download 2.7 Go again.

And regarding Pacifixer answer I'm a bit worried about re-install... :eek:

Hope they'll fix that soon...
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So... after several attempt to update the game with various tricks, nothing works, I uninstall the game in order to install it from scratch, and it works.
A bit sad but it's the only workaround I found.
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I also noticed something strange when I updated Gwent on my phone via the Google Play Store; although, nothing ever froze. The update was listed at around 1.2 GB, but the download display ended up exceeding that by a wide margin (it was at 2 GB/1.2 GB the last time I looked at the screen). I was understandably concerned, thinking that something was surely amiss, but everything seemed okay after it said it finished installing. Gwent loaded up normally, and I didn't encounter any glitches, unlike most people on the forums.
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