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Automatic finisher doesn't work

Automatic finisher in the option is like the Kill Move of Skyrim ?
I checked it was turned on. It suddenly never appears in combat no matter how many times I kill an enemies.
It‘s kind of similar to Skyrim, yes. There are videos on YouTube that show some of these moves.

After switching these moves on, perhaps it‘s best to restart the game to make sure it‘s activated.
It's always been turned-on.. suddenly I couldn't see it anymore... such a malfunction is unable to affect me playing this great game but the kill move was so cool to give up. I didn't touch anything on game play option since buying it. And tutorial or info messages sometimes appears although I already turned these off on HUD setting..
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No. I'm very satisfied without any mods & Reshade, so only have been playing it on vanilla.
All free DLCs (alternative looks etc) are activated.
Perhaps disable this feature, play a bit with that setting. Then restart the game and enable it again. You can also Verify/Repair the game with GOG Galaxy (or Steam), just to make sure nothing else went wrong.

But I don't think there's that much else you can do here.
If devivre`s suggestion doesn`t work then you can make sure that the finishers are enabled through the witcher 3 ini . Navigate to your Witcher 3 installation folder or to be more precise The Witcher 3>bin>config>base and look for the gameplay file. Note that you will need to open it using Notepad. Then look for AutomaticFinishersEnabled=true . If it says false then highlight false and change it to true . Then click File at the top and click it and select Save. Then retry the game.
Some additional things I've found, although I can't guarantee these have a decided effect:
  • Button-mashing decreases the number of finishers I seem to see. Timing attacks and using more ripostes seem to deliver more of them. (This I can all but promise has an effect.)
  • Having more adrenaline filled up seems to be related.
  • Be on level ground. I don't seem to trigger finishers if I'm on steep slopes or in a really cluttered space.
  • Don't be too OP for the enemy you're facing. Killing things too quickly (1-3 hits) seems to deliver fewer finishers.
  • I'm far more likely to trigger a finisher if a target is blinded / stunned when I kill them.
Just my own observations. Not grounded in anything. These are just patterns I've noticed over 5 playthroughs. In the end, I think it's somewhat random no matter what.
I tried nothing since I posted it, but It begins to work again without a reason, so I can see the kill moves often.
Anyway thanks for replies.