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Can’t get the Illusive Thief Contract

So I’m in the second act of the game, level 25 — I’ve checked the completed list of quests and it’s not on there. Is it a missable contract? There’s been nothing on the bounty board for it in Novigrad, so I’m a bit confused. Before I headed to Skellige before the second act I made sure to check all bounty boards in Velen and Novigrad and did all the side quests, any ideas how it’s not popping up?
That is odd. It should have been available on the notice board in front of the Kingfisher.

I'm not certain, but perhaps it cannot be completed after finishing 'Now or Never', if Geralt helps Triss and the mages escape, thereby shifting the Eternal Fire's persecution to the non-humans?
Ah it's probably that, I mean I didn't notice that the noticeboard was yellow before completing Now or Never but it's a possibility. I'll be doing a new game plus anyway so i'll be sure to double check that before moving on with her quest. Thank you!
Wanted to post an update, so when I got to Novigrad with Ciri after the quest Bald Mountain the Illusive Thief contract reappeared on the list. I'm not sure if I overlooked it originally but I could have sworn it wasn't on the list to begin with, either way I wanted to update in case anyone runs into the same issue.
If I am not mistaken you should know that this is your only chance to gain doppler mutagen needed to brew doppler decotion. So if you want that decotion you must kill him.
Yeah I know, I was kinda worried that I had missed the opportunity beforehand but I know that there’s the decoction and the achievement! I’m prepped for it. :)
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