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Caranthir Ar-Feiniel / Ruehin Combo unbeatable?

If playing nilfgaard you can always make room for serrit/auckes. Auckes locks all his ruehins.
To be fair most, if not all, Nilfgaard decks should run 2 Alba Armored Cavalry, being a 5 provision 3 strenght lock unit, so making room for serrit is not even necessary.
I know i run those in all my decks. Too useful not to have. But serrit/auckes also come in handy whichever way you look at them. Serrit can be an overall 10 power shift (5 power + deal 5 damage) or a guaranteed 8, whereas Auckes can come in handy vs those skellige savage bears for example or the bearmasters because they get permanently locked assuming you use Auckes early enough.
Yup, Albaaaaa in all my NG decks and Serrit/Auckles in all of them but one. Now we're veering off topic though.
Also bear in mind there's a long game too. So Ruehin's used to boost units. One nekker and Gyrden at the end can mess with that stuff.