Crafting mods and weapons broken? WAY TOO OP!

Wow, I am still far from that kind of gearing. Perhaps I miss focus to get this to that level. Good for you that you figured this out that quickly. I am going back to my imperfect journey and maybe get some of that. :D ;)
Maybe crafting and itemization also got reworked in the final year of developement.
It does feel like that.

They really need more time. Too bad Holidays are coming, we wont see anything relevant untill january.
are you people really complaining about overpowered items really :rolleyes:
my post isn't meant to complain... its meant to ask if its broken. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to have weapons and armour with these stats. it seemed off to me. i made the thread to ask if this what was everyone was experiencing or just me. Pull the katana out ya butthole.
It might be working as intended. Remember that by the end of the game you're supposed to be pimped out merc who storms Arasaka HQ. Can't do that with shitty gear.
With the unbalanced crafting, quest bugs and the game breaking save bug (which will or did hurt a lot of PC gamers) I wouldn't stop working over the Holidays. This is the time for CDPR to restore a bit of the lost confidence with the customer base and retake a bit of the market position they lost. If they want avoid more claims and refunds in the coming year. I know it is hard on the CDPR staff. But better no Holidays then being out of a job. If things develop for the worse as they do now it is not unlikely they go bankrupt or will need to lay-off people over this debacle. Better safe then sorry CDPR!
Many different game tester played for one week before the release, they gave feedback that no matter what kind of build, you will be OP at mid-game. Balance needs to be overhauled.

I dont understand the perks for Breach increase duration. Once you log in, the timer doesnt start and you have infinite time to memorize before you click first cell.
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At your level, i guess it's easy to find blueprints to craft this module. I'm 27 level with 16 level crafting, i do all clothe shops, doc shops and i don't find really op blueprint . I still don't even find special suit for cosmetic look. Actually all is about to find blueprint.
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