Cyberpunk 2077 PC Crash Issues

any one know how to fix this
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So started as Nomad - when you enter Night City and there is a bunch of cutscenes - when it goes to load it looks like I am in a car and the game crashes every single time. Tried lowering gfx settings but didnt make a difference. I'm not using the GOG launcher (but disabled overlay as some suggested). Disabled steam overlay too.

Tried a new game as corpo - as i enter the office and hit "sit down" it also crashes. Not tried street kid yet but assuming there will be a point of crash there too.

Any suggestions?

EDIT to update system specs:
OS: Windows 10 10.0.19041 Build 19041
CPU: Intel i7 960 @ 3.2Ghz
Memory: 16GB
GPU: AMD Radeon R9 390
Running on HDD (SSD out of space)

I know it is an old system.. but so far I've never had an issue playing anything. Seems a tonne of people have the exact same issue I have - crashing at the "exact" same spot (Sitting down in corpo start, or entry to city in nomad and getting a "glimps" of sitting in a car I think).

Appreciate anything to get this working - not a complain post but "can you help me" post :) I know it has tonnes of bugs and I need an upgrade :)

EDIT again: AVX fix exe worked for me and am now sitting in the car :) So yeah they just need to release an official fix..
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Same issue, but only started as street kit sofar.

For AVX crashes.
Futher down in the thread is this fix which appears to be working. On nexusmods is also an edited version of the cyberpunk.exe which is basicly the same thing.

Game crashing on old CPUs: possible fix

If you happen to have an old CPU you maybe having this crash:


The game is trying to use a feature you don’t have: AVX.

At the beginning playing corpo when you sit it crashes. A possible temporal solution while they fix this issue is to remove this part of code:

Edit Cyberpunk2077.exe with a hexadecimal editor and search for


Change the first byte to C3 (return from the function):


Please note this fix is extremely simplistic and naïve. Moreover, it could crash the game later. This change seems to fix this crash and you can continue playing the game. I have only tested a few minutes more.

FAQ: Why are they using AVX?

They are not doing it on purpose, it is probably the default configuration of the compiler.
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I am having the same. For nomad, I get to the Night City cinematic, then after, it crashes 100%. For Street Kid, it is trying to leave the bar. Same sit situation for Corpo. Did all the tshooting they said too. Seems like a patch requirement for gog. Homies on steam and consoles are fine.
I crash at the exact same spot as well as streetkid path.

There must be some trigger event in that doorway because I can sit at the doorway and the NPC's carry on their conversation etc.. but as soon as I cross that doorway threshold Boom! Game Over Man!

Edit: Steam version, 2070 Super (Updated Drivers), Win10, Intel I7, 16Gigs RAM
For me after I choose my difficulty and go to choose my path, once I choose one about 5 seconds later it just crashes. Then I get an AMD bug report tool notification. I updated my drivers and all that, but nothing. Feels bad man. On steam by the way. Feels bad man, I feel your guys pain.
I get a complete system lock up. Endlessly. If I make it to character creation I crash. Full hard reset.
Going by can you run it. I get a green tick.
But each time I have tried to run it CRASH.. LOCK UP... HARD RESET.

Come on... You pushed it back so many times for this to happen it is a joke!
Posting that sort of thing here won't really result in much. For those things, use the in-game bug-report feature, and/or send the report directly in to CDPR Support.

Exact same spot as me when I tried corpo. So pretty consistent between a lot of people it seems - means hopefully it is fixable soon! :)
Same here, Corpo campaign "sit down V" instant crash 100% of the time.
This might be the biggest disappointment in the history of gaming, serves me right...This is absolutely ridiculous, shame on you CDPR. Day one cancelled for me...gonna have to wait for a patch or refund it.
Game of the generation?? I dont think least Fallout 76 ran! How did this happen!?
At least GOG has good refund policies...fix it soon or its getting refunded. Mind u havent even spoken about game performance in genera....atrocious. Damn you 2020
There was a 29 meg update, still crashed, but trying to verify/fix install. I checked the logs for the crash (in your games install folder/bin/x64 (or x86 if that still is around)), CrashInfo.json. The rootType seems to be the trigger method... gameTelemetryPostMortemContainer, however none of the other details reveal much. The objectives all align with the actions we are all taking. The only things I can drum up are all around graphic settings or audio settings. I turned mine all down or off and it still crashes.
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Going to try and condense some topics into here:
Streetkid Path Crash After Leaving Bar Outside | Forums - CD PROJEKT RED
As soon as I find the objective of the very first main mission (don't want to include spoilers) after the montage cutscene i get to the bathtub and crash...every time. New drivers, all overlays disabled. All extraneous programs disabled or off. All game crash troubleshooting listed on their help page performed. Nothing works. I don't know what to do.
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