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For me this game is impressive I finished it with the nomads and I did not take the right end (62 hours) I think, so I will test the most logical end in nomad, then it will be with the company and to finish the street kid. So yes the optimization is dirty even on a pc with my rtx 2060 in fact it looks like it is not regular, at times super beautiful, at other times not beautiful at all. I hope in any case that CDPR will not drop this nugget! And that there will be many and very good dlc. Something intrigues me when we launch the game we can see: RED Engine, we might think that they created their own graphics engine and that well there are things to settle ... For example when I compare the quality with the RT from the city of london on watchdog legion, I don't understand why, the rendering of the city of night city unfortunately does not have this quality. So the concern would it ultimately come from the own graphics engine? That they would have created? Looks to me like watchdog legion is using unreal engine 4, but I'm not sure I would look. In any case, I haven't let go of cyberpunk 2077 since its release, and it won't happen anytime soon! I love this game too much and have fun.
The problem is, by the time No Man's Sky became a better game a lot less people were interested in it. The same might be for CP2077, people struggle through the game and by the time they might patch it people are already fed up with the entire thing.
the first hours in this game were awesome and incredible immersive... i hope for more solo campaigns and more choices and dialogue options even though i know that might increase workoad for the dev alot.
1) CDPR: every choice will have consequences
Cyberprank has a linear history

in the year 2077 I guess

2) CDPR: character customization at the highest levels
no customization is needed because the balance is broken, you can do millions of money and damage within a few hours of play

3) CDPR: it will be an 18+ game because it has strong contents
only in the character creation screen, the rest is censored or almost

4) CDPR: we are postponing the game to refine and clean it ... we are independent and we are in no rush to release it.
They speed up the game release to monetize on older console generations

Ridiculous AI and physics, game balance (weapons and economy) totally broken.

I wonder why you have released a next gen game on old consoles .. just to make money

you showed beautiful CGI movies and the textures in game suck (played on the pc in ultra detail), the Witcher 3 has textures of another level.

this game seems rushed with 5+ years development on its back.

Ok you could not keep up with expectations .. I can forgive him and play anyway. but ..
be teased like this NO
The Witcher 3 is my absolute favorite game (about 800 hours of gameplay) and I am also a very active modder of The Witcher 3 community.
My esteem for you was highest, I pre-ordered the game as soon as possible ..

You made fun of all the fans who have been following you for years just to monetize ... and I'm sorry to say
this will be your (CDPR) foot in the pit, with no possibility of return.

You used your employees for an extended crunch and now you force them to work to fix this broken game.

This is not about fixing crashes and bugs, CyberPrank problems range from physics, AI, bugs, balance, faded textures, code optimization ..

here it takes another 2 years to keep all the promises your marketing department threw in our face.

from your, now ex, fans I tell you ... you deserve everything that is happening [...]

you have enjoyed making fun of us over the years, now we have fun seeing you sink ...

The bitter words of your EX-big fan (I've been following you since 2007 with The Witcher 1)
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So the game was released my brother bought it i had the chance to play it for quite long time to make an opinion. Of course i won't write a review here because there is no need for it. Nor i will creiticize this whole mess happened as i already did in pletty of posts.

So ho was it?...
The city was beautiful truly breath takling even with some glitches in and there and total lack of whatsoever simple form of traffic or pedestrian A.I.
The content to do in the city was just related to shooting and sneaking and that's it. It felt artificial like an huge scenery that looks fancy and pretty but has no soul at all.
The art were amazing.

However i never felt truly immersed in the game world sadly because again. Is empty and souless. It is beautiful but it offers nothing but pew pew. I won't even mention how you guys (CD projekt red) told this game was an rpg first and foremost when is clearly not an rpg not even by far. So here is what i think it will be a solution to salvage this game.

Consider this game like is an Early Access.

Beside the usual oprimization and bugfixing start to add things to make the world more believable and immersive. Content right now is terribly lacking and 90% of the game can be traslated in Pew pew pew, Sneak pew pew.

There are beautiful location to drink around the city allow V to drink.
Allow V to buy stuff from street vendors ((and not just go and buy something that goes in inventory))
Allow V to sit around outside cutscenes. Seriously....
Fix the Traffic and the Pedestrian Ai.
Include braindances.
Bring back the maturity inside the game. There is nothing more sad than see people lap dancing with a full business suit on it.
Restore cut content.
More option to character creation because is one of the worst one i seen around.
Restore cut content from the story. ((time skips are truly an awful way to tell a story))
More RPG less FPS.

In other words return to be the humble but talented software house that you once were. And please management no more lies and be fair with the developers they are the ones that work most hard.
"In Nicht City, looks are everything"
You cant even change your hair or nails when you're in the world, definitely Early Access!!
Yes in the end the game can still archieve greatness. As it can't be a proper rpg ((mostly because they would have to redesign everything from the ground up)) would be best if they will focus on features and immersion. The city is indeed beautiful is a damn shame you can't do nothing on it.
Yes in the end the game can still archieve greatness. As it can't be a proper rpg ((mostly because they would have to redesign everything from the ground up)) would be best if they will focus on features and immersion. The city is indeed beautiful is a damn shame you can't do nothing on it.
I agree with everything you said, it would be great to see the animations of sitting at a bar ordering a drink, seeing your character taking the glass etc...
Have you seen GTA Online? you can do that, order a drink at a bar etc... for a game with such great Hype and Next-Gen, at least that should be possible. It's irrelevant to the gameplay yes but it IS cool especially because the game is in first person camera.
Not going to rant or flame in this post, but yeah...I'm not to happy with the game. I completed it on a ps4 pro (even though I have a ps5, but figured it was running the ps4 pro version anyway) so I played it on the pro.

So I pick up my game early, get home and install, after about 54 mins it asks for play disk to be put in to the ps4 pro. I had disconnected form the net and figured I would just mess around briefly .........only to be met by a message stating "please update to the latest version of th game to acces the application". Wtf so I can't play a out the box unpatched game (first time thing for me). Ok I connect to the net and it tells me ther is a 45 gig patch that will take 3 hours to download. I let it patch go watch so YouTube etc.

I excitely start up my game (now at this point I had not been watching trailers etc) the loading screense seem primitive and they black out when switching . Ok game loads in. I don't spend to much time on charecter and I load into the game. Ok mmmmm.......this is ot was I expected. I can see frame rate drops npc's walking into walls ......yeah this looks buggy.....(but so was the Witcher 3 at I give the benefit). Then the crashes start......yeah.....this game is in bad shape.....then I go into the inventory menu and my V's dong is clipping through his pants. I turn off the game. Leave it not sure what to make of my disappointment.

2days pass.....and another 17 gig patch later...things are pretty much the same so I slog through the main quest line and finish the story.

Was I impressed, no......more confused that my beloved CDPR had released this mess on a platform it was intended to run on.

I found their apology condescending, they don't want to admit they decieved console players....they passed the hot potatoe (oh get a refund from Sony) .........boy oh boy and did Sony run with it. Good on Sony for taking that decision aswell

Then I was like ok I have a physical version, but a got a text fro the store I bought it from saying I can have my copy refunded provided I bring it back within the week. I still have my copy....but after reading their last stament response to the Sony takedown. "Those not willing to wait for the patches". I was like mate you taking the piss now.

So I will be kindly returning my copy 2morrow morning for a refund.....not cold cash like I paid for my pre order....but game credits to spend on another tilte now or maybe later.
1. No key bind for weapon holstering. This needs to exist. The weapon wheel also needs to be reworked. I only used it to holster my weapon and, rarely, to select a grenade type. And every time I lost around 5 seconds fiddling with my mouse to find the pixels that marked the holster weapon area. Just annoying.

To holster, you need to quickly tap alt twice.
Yes, the game has issues. Undoubtedly those issues are made much worse on last gen consoles. However, my own experience has been quite good on PC. I'm on a 6 year old graphics card and can play fine with most settings at ultra and few either on high or medium, though granted at the time it was a beast of a card so not like it's a mid-tier 6 year old card. Obviously not an RTX card so can't speak to how that works. Biggest gripe I have is the nonsensical use of hardcoded keybinds that really don't make a lot of sense to me at all, but here's hoping that will be addressed by the devs in an early patch.

Like everyone I've seen plenty of items on the ground in weird places that make them unlootable, and while that is annoying, it's never been an important item. Seen crowd NPCs walk into the ground once, found it humorous. Little quirks here and there that I trust will be fixed. On the whole, seen less weird stuff happening around Night City than I have in any Bethesda title, and I've put over 3k hours into FO4 alone so clearly weird things happening doesn't stop me from enjoying a game.

Going back to the first gameplay demo footage I can say that yes, there are somethings I really wish were in the release game. The character model for V used in that demo did look better, and frankly the lighting in the character creation section looked better (why is there a greenish tint in the released game), and admittedly taking out that first scav by sticking him in the freezer and shooting him under the water to keep it quiet looked a lot cooler than what we ended up with.

During character creation up at the top it says that looks are everything in Night City, yet the lack of item previews in shops or the ability to give an item the appearance of another item really does put a hamper on the idea that looks are indeed everything. And on the topic of character creation, why are we not able to change V's physique even a little bit? I get playing an obese character wouldn't really make sense in V's line of work (even if it would be hilarious), but being unable to change muscle thickness or hip width does hamper replayability a bit. Even though its an FPS game, I certainly enjoy going into photo mode and snapping cinematic shots of myself and some variety in shape would be nice. Last thing I want to comment on about character customization is how disappointed I am with the choices for piercings. Why can't I have some simple small hoop earrings on both ears. Why are there like no symmetrical options? You can customize pube hair but can't even get some basic jewelry looks going.

Moving on I want to just say that I really do enjoy the game. I'm not a fan of the sex ads everywhere but I know it's part of the cyberpunk genre and the devs have truly done a wonderful job of creating a dystopian future setting and bringing it to life. The scale of the world is well done I think and the ability to customize your origin is a touch I always appreciate in games. I've enjoyed the gameplay a lot and playing on Very Hard I'm having a blast trying to be stealthy and using hacking to my advantage. The weapons and clothes have a nice variety of looks, though I do wish we could customize paint jobs and fabric prints ourselves. The various cars and bikes you can buy are great looking and I love the variety, and while driving can be a bit touchy I'm getting the hang of it the more I play. I'm avoiding fast travel and making a point to drive around the city, only ran over a few people so far. :p

I've made it to Act 3 so far but have no finished the main story. From what I've done I'm enjoying the narrative a lot and have found it to be rather interesting and engaging. Combining it with the gameplay aspects I mentioned above I'd say the overall package of the game is rather solid and I've already sunk about 60 hours into the game, so I'd say the game has been a success for me.

It's easy for me to pin point areas of the game I'd like to see improved because overall they are a lot fewer in number and really don't subtract from my overall enjoyment of the game. Seeing them improved would ensure this game be one of my long term games for the next decade, as they would enhance my replay enjoyment a good deal, but for my first time through the game they aren't taking the fun out of the game for me.

On steam I gave the game a rating 9.5/10. I've put about 30 more hours into the game since that review and at this point I stand by my rating. The game is a lot of fun and it's clear to me that when you've been working on a title for a long time you're bound to disappoint people who have built up their own image of what the game will be like. I think to some extent people were just too hyped up for this game and it was never going tick all the boxes for everyone.

I will end by saying thank you to the development team for your hardwork and I know you've got a lot more you'll be doing for the game in the coming months.

p.s. The marketing team responsible for misleading fans on the quality of the game on last gen consoles, as well as placing the limits on what reviewers could share, should be fired. Not just because of how they've made customers feel but because of the financial hit they've cost their company. Hopefully they'll know better for the next company.
Still love it bugs and all
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It may have its problems but i trust they will be fixed this is CD PROJEKT RED after all not Bethesda lol (I'm still recuperating from that turd of a game). At least there a fully fleshed out game. Thanks CD PROJEKT RED I still love you guys ;^)
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Hello from Australia.

Obviously CDPR is taking a lot of heat lately. But it's not all bad news. I'd like to thank the devs, artists, and everyone else involved. I am really enjoying what you're made. Your work is appreciated, and I'm glad I spent the money on it. Don't let the negativity on social media get you down. A lot of people are enjoying the game.
I'm happy with the game. And so is Judy.

I have pretty powerful PC and game runs just fine for me, I encountered very few bugs in 70 hours. The only thing I really don't like is a "fake content" which is weapons system - the same dozen of weapons with randomized stats. Managing them is damn waste of time and not fun at all. The best and iconic first person shooters have just dozen of unique weapons without upgrading, crafting and leveling, and they feel absolutely fine. Also, look at new vegas - you get a set of static weapons and you are completely happy with them. It does not feel less rpg-ish without diablo/borderlands randomized loot.
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