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Dimeritium Shackles Bug as hell

so i was playing a ranked match [. . .] aprox 13:34 UT -7:00:00 (PDT)
i pass the first round then i used my operator to spawn copy of Hawkers on both sides ok, everything ok at this point.
then [the opponent] destroyed my hawker with a bomb and when i tryed to [. . .] lock the hawker i have gave to him with shackles, i cannot clic on the unit to cast the spell, after 3 or 4 clics, my shackles was discarded from my hand and the hawkers on [the opponent's] side was not locked (this was on the first seconds of my turn, the time still was runing) and wtf dude, this is the 5th bug that maked me lose a ranked match
sinry de mierda.PNG

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