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Game hangs after "Press any button to start"

Okay I've just got home from work about an hour ago and loaded up witcher 3. I got to the "Press any button to start" screen and as it instructed I pressed any button. ( I pressed the "A" button if this helps) It said please wait and stayed like this for 15 minutes or so. So I quit the game and tried again, the same thing happened again but only for 5 minutes so u reset it again and it is stuck on it right now someone please help as I am in able to play the game and right now I am really enjoying it as I'm playing it for 5 hours at a time.
From the sound of it, considering some of the other issues you've posted about, it seems like your XBox might be struggling a bit.

1.) How full is the hard drive?

2.) Does it have enough room to breath (at least 4 inches on all sides)? Does it feel unusually hot to the touch?

3.) Are you noticing any similar problems with other games?
1) it's 1 terabyte and I've got 207.8GB remaining
2) No it has plenty of place to breathe, I made sure of this when I purchased the Xbox. And it only ever feels hot if I've been gaming all day which isn't very often
3)I haven't had issues with any of my other games they run perfectly fine it just seems to be witcher 3 to be honest.
Well, all of that is a great sign, really! If possible, back up your saved games. (I think that's doable with a USB stick or something, but I'm not sure. I'm a PC guy.)

At that point, manually run an "install / update" for the game. It's possible that something in a recent update didn't completely finish installing.

If not, I'd then uninstall the game completely, restart the Xbox, and reinstall clean. My guess would be that something in the intsallation itself has been borked.
Thank you so much I have saved all the data to an external hard drive and in installed then reinstalled the game and it's working perfectly and extremely smooth too no loading in the middle of convos and hardly is showing up too you are a star I think all these bugs I have been having where due to an issue when installing it as you said I can now enjoy the game again