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Game will not save and crashes

Hello all,

As the title says, the game will not save and crashes on my system.

I'm running Win 10 Pro, have a Nvidia 1050 Ti and 16gb of RAM so I suspect that my system is more than adequate for the games requirements (after all it runs like a dream).

I don't know what more information to put here, so please if you can offer any assistance do so and I'll answer any questions as best I can.
Normally a Windows security issue:

1.) Set the Permissions for the ...\Documents\The Witcher 3\... folder to "Everyone".

2.) Ensure the game's .EXE is set to "Run as administrator".

3.) Ensure the game is not installed anywhere under Program Files or Program Files(x86). Best bet is to install it to the root of your drive.

4.) Be sure the game is added to the exceptions list of any firewall / anti-virus you're using.