GamesCom 2010 - new details revealed!

Come on guys just wait for new videos and then discuss about the new face. We don't really want to start another discussion about the face from alpha version.
Wooties, how exciting :) A friend of mine, a computer magazine editor, will be going along to cover Gamescom (yes, I'm jealous!) all the way from Australia. I've already told him how sweetly I'll have to hurt him if he doesn't check out what's on offer from CDPR :) Good luck with it all, and have fun :)
Good luck to the witcher 2 at GamesCom.Will we see any of the unrevealed videos after the event or are they only for GamesCom?
Maybe I'm the nerd of the bunch here, but I want to see-more combat-the maps that we will be exploring-dialog scenes-inventory screen with journal and alchemy ingredients I've been wondering about all this stuff.
PetraSilie said:
PetraSilie said:
By the way - did you knaow, that Daerdin is going to Cologne with us? He has arrived a few hours ago, and is flying with us on Monday!
Oh, great news. I'll be there too. I'm looking forward to seeing you all. And of course I sit at the edge of my chair to see all the new materials :)
That's great that you're going, Petra! I was hoping that you'd get to go, since the conference is right there in Germany.*happy for Petra* *sighs with envy* *happy for Petra* *sighs with envy* *happy for Petra* *sighs with envy*I hope you'll make a very informative post when you get back! And I guess you'll have some new material for your little shrine.Oh my. Envy is such an ugly emotion. :)
Sob Sob Sob it wold have been a great vacation to go to germany to Gamescom... Oh well i will keep my finger on the the f btton to ceck everyminute for any update
@CrythusThe last info we have on RotWW that it's still frozen. Maybe CDPR finish it with their own technology but we will get more info about it after the release of TW2.@Coryinitially it was sure that I could go to Cologne due to a fulltime training until the end of October. But I got good results on a qualification which allows me to have a few week off in August... perfectly timed :-D@slimgrinnew footage & content, new location and new foes should be enough to satisfy our hunger... okay, for a while.
Hey guys,good luck fpr your presentation, I know it´ll be awesome !And I´m overjoyed that I´ll be there on thursday.Only 5 times sleeping ...
@ Tanhit and PetraY`all enjoy yourselves and let us know what you think of the presentation and Gamescom as a wholebig thumbs up
Oh my oh my!I wish we could view all these new things in a feed asap. Or posted on the site.I think The Witcher will overshadow Biowares Dragon Age 2 - theres a lot of commotion over the title. But dont forget to say hello to the Bioware team (if any present) from polish fans :) ... oh, and BTW, kick'em once or twice for the ME2 central europe dlc problem and, I'll be waiting for the UPDATES UPDATES UPDATES UPDATES UPDATESUPDATESUPDATESUPDATES!Have a good fun everybody! And dont forget to wave this white and red flag a little bit more to get noticed in the crowd ;) I think it's about time Poland took Germany by BLITZKRIEG...with the help of a witcher of course. HA!So, once again, where are those updates?PS: I pray you wont give out too many spoilers, like DA:O and ME2 before launch. That would be a catastrophy! If I find some hints about plot and choices/decisions I'm gonnna freaking murder you all...YOU. HAVE. BEEN. WARNED.
I think that we have to wait until Thursday before gamescom will be opened for public... otherwise i agree with you about spoilers.
Look what Activision made with Modern Warfare 2. They shown almost everything in trailers! When I was playing it my thoughts where: Oh I have a deja vu.
Here we have some screenshots:
Nice ss, but I was hoping to see the surprise that they've announced yesterday, and by that I mean the new Geralt. Guess that we will soon find out from actual videos from the event.
Geralt new face you say? Here you are
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