[GENERAL] Who do you support - Squirrels or Knights?

[GENERAL] Who do you support - Squirrels or Knights?

I just started a new game and was planning to do the opposite of my decisions last time but I ended up supporting the Squirrels again! Even though the choice is available, it's just more fun and natural for me to side with them. How about you - what is your preference?
You just can't stop feeling sorry for the squirrels. I mean, they've been oppressed and exploited for who-knows-how-long. It's kind of hard not to help them out.
Hmm, can't vote ;D I find each side interesting - both Skoia'tael and the Order have their backgrounds, motives and stories, good and bad sides, it's equally fun to play for any of them. So I don't have a clear preference here. :) And the neutral way as well - you find something new and different, and it's much more witcher-like.
I help the squirrels 'cause I don't like religious fanatics like the flamin rose guys.
Well, early in the game both sides are portrayed as being bad guys for the most part (only exception being Siegfried I guess). So on my first play through, I sided with the flaming rose to see how that'd work out and thought it'd be the lesser evil. Heard rumors in several places about de Aldersberg, but I thought the faction probably wasn't of ill intention for the most part. In the end the whole faction turned out to be pretty 'evil' bar some.On my second playthrough I think things will come together in pretty much the same way. Though initially I got nothing but bad impressions from the scoia'tael, near the middle they actually seem to be getting quite honorable and just. However, I suspect that near the end it will be just the same: they'll get in over their heads and play 'kill all humans'.Can't say for sure yet, but I'm probably going to end up seeing both sides as the 'wrong' choice. Thing is, if the story hadn't focused on making it seem like choosing for neither party was 'neutral', I would actually have taken that route. In RPG's my characters always pick a side... if the 'neutral' choices would have indicated fighting for the kingdom itself from the beginning, that path would have had my preference. But I guess that was the intention of the developers: they wanted to encourage picking a 'bad' side ;)
I allowed Scoia'tael to take the goods in Act I.In Act II, I met up with Sigfried and befriended him, I met Yaevinn and thought he was too arrogant, but because all my interactions with the scoia'tael and the non-humands had so far been pleasant I did not want to kill them, and as I was friends with Sigfried I didn't want to kill him either, as a result I stayed out of the Swamp Battle.In Act III, I encountered scoia'tael taking humans hostages in the cemetary, choose to save them instead of killing the escaping squirrels. I felt in principle it was wrong for the Scoia'tael to have done so and when Vivaldi's bank was held up, I decided to support the Order. I went in with Sigfried but there when I saw his eagerness to jump to spilling blood without trying to reach a compromise first, I decided to go down and speak to Yaevinn on my own. I went down, and found the Scoia'tael leader reasonable and his cause worthy of my support. Having seen the intolerance of humans in the past three chapters, the fanaticism of the Flaming Rose and having been disappointed by Sigfried's refusal to speak to the Scoia'tael out of sheer self righteousness, I decided I could no longer remain uninvolved and the Squirrel's cause was worthy of my support. I decided to help Yaevinn.In Act IV, once again, I was offered the choice to continue supporting the Scoia'tael or revert back to being neutral, but throughout the Act, I observed the elves living peaceably with the humans, not causing any trouble. Then the Order came looking for them, forcing them to take those hostages. I could not keep out of it.In Act V, I was pretty glad about my choice. The Scoia`tael are not angels. War brings out the worst in every one, but I think they are by far the lesser of the two evils.In the Epilogue, I remained pretty glad about my decision.With the Order, at every juncture I kept getting more and more horrified by their intentions, by their values and principles. Act V, the incident with Toruviel was the last straw and then I really had no sympathy or even tolerance for them any more. To me the corruption at the top, had spread like a cancer through their ranks, leaving no one unaffected. They were all scum.
Oooohh... I just can't stay out of this one, especially because the Order&Squirrels question keeps raking my brain ever since I finished my first run-through. One thing's for sure - I could never, in my right mind side with the Order. Never. One of the prime reasons for it is that I, too, just can't stand religious fanatics of any sort and kind; blindness and stupidity offends me. But on the other hand, Squirrels, imo, are just about as blind and stupid as the Order. True, the war does bring the worst out of people but still, I don't think that to be a valid excuse for various murders and tortures commited by both sides. The way I saw it throughout the game (and the final chat with you-know-who only served to confirm it) is that the whole Order-Squirrels fight went way past the opressed vs. opressors issue that initially started it. At the very root of the issue, my vote would always go to the opressed party but as things progressed, the line between the two went thiner and thiner until there was nothing to it but two bands of murderers fighting each other, shifting blame and, ironically enough, resembling each other like images in a mirror. And not only that but also, I got this feeling that the two fractions now actually need each other: they both seem to define themselves by their hatred for the other. If it weren't for the Squirrels, the Order would have no one to be just and rightous at and if it weren't for the Order, the Squirrels would have no one to dircet their discontent at. So those I perhaps felt the most for were those who got caught in the middle - the simple people who either a) hopped onto the 'hate nonhumans!' wagon because, frankly, that's the only way for them to have someone/something even they can fell superior to, or b) didn't really care about the whole human/non-human business (beyond doubt, a smaller group, this) but got caught up into it nonetheless either by getting themselves robbed blind by the Squirrels or getting bullied by the Order under the pretense of "protection"But even that is not as cut and dry as it appears to be; even those who got caught in the middle couldn't remain really in the middle, one way or another and eventually, they, too, had to choose a side. In retrospect, maybe my Geralt should have seen that and learned a leon from it early on.Taking a glance at two notable representatives of both fractions, Siegfried and Yaevinn, only serves to twist my brain even further: -On one hand, Siegfried seems the most decent Order fellow around - undeniably, the man does have his sense of honor and right and wrong and in the sewers sequence, his desire to protect those whoare defensless seems genuine indeed. And yet, I couldn't help but wonder how much zeal would he show if that cocatrice happened to be under the non-human district protion of the sewers. -On the other hand there's Yaevinn who, at first, doesn't strike me as one who'd condone brutal murder. Still, would he or would he not, for example, condemn his own troops for their little graveyard action remains a big question the answer to which I am not sure I'd like. For all his talk of freedom and fighting the opression, I just couldn't escape the feeling that, while talking about prejudice non-humans are facing, he constantly keeps measuring my own ear size. In the end, both of them appear intentionally blind to the fact that they resemble each other much more than either can be comfortable with. So all in all, I'd sum it up thusly:Squirrles: The difference between "terrorists" and "freedom fighters" is merely semantics and depends solely on the side from which you choose to view things.Oreder: The price for having guard dogs is agreeing to be a sheep.Summed up like that, the only really sensible thing to do seems to be staying on the fence, leaving the fools to fight it out amongst themselves and hope they spell each other's end. On the other hand though, the entire issue is just too complicated and, to me, emotionally wrecking to allow me to just wisely step aside without picking one over the other. Personal preferences kicking in now, I'll have to say I'm always drawn to the side of the (apperant) underdog and also, naturally drawn against anything even remotely resembling strict order and the infamous "for the good of the people" ideas. I seem to be highly allergic to hiding behind posh words; hypocracy, prehaps, is the biggest crime in my book. Or, as Pratchett put it through the mouth of Sam Vimes in Thud: "...history and destiny and all the other words that always got trotted out to put a gloss on slaughter."And so when chips are down, I cannot but remain highly judmental of both parties, thinking neither of them to be completely in the wrong yet thinking neither of them employing the proper means to their ends. And yet, I find myself siding with the Squirrels for the most part nonetheless. Hypocritical of me? Likely it is. Perhaps it has soemthing to do with the little speach Yaevinn gives at some point. There's just something in it that made me finally cross over to his side in the end: http://news.filefront.com/the-witcher-us-game-missing-more-than-nudity-and-violence/ (the very last original version is what I'm referring to)*On a side note, I never bumped into that particular dialogu in-game; if anyone can tell me where exactly does one find it I'd be much obliged.Well, pardon my proverbial verboseness on the subject but, as someone who always complained about the lack of ;neutral' options in various rpgs, I find it highly amusing to be finally given one for a change and then finding myself almost completely unable to take it and feel "right" about it all the way. Judging by what I read on these forums so far, I'd say many here more-or-less agree with my sentiments here. In that light, I have to say I find it intriguing to see that, while many here seem to side with the Squirrels at some point, in another pool it's Siegfried who gets the most votes as the "favorite NPC". ;)
Alright, I tried not to read much of the other posts since I'm only near the end of Chapter II but my mind is made up:Call me a Knight of the Order of the Flaming Rose. I helped the Squirrels getting their goods at Chapter I, I liked them, at Chapter II I met Siegrief and I became his friend.It was easy for me to decide who I would support at the swamp battle. My good friend Siegfried is wounded and needs my help?! Today the Drowned Dead had Elf meat for breakfast! I now intend to exterminate every dwarf, half-elf, elf and dryad that decides to attack me, Siegfried or any other Knight of the Flaming Rose but I shall leave any that surrenders in peace. I count Siegfried among my friends and I'll be damned if I don't help him with the rebels.Next time I play the game maybe I'll support Squirrels, but I doubt it... I like Siegfried way too much.OUR HOLY FIRE WILL PURIFY THE LAND! PS: If I keep following the Order or no depends of what I find out. So far the Order for me represents good and kindness, I hope it stays that way. If not, I'll see what I can do.
i went thru all 3 iterations of the story and I like the "neutral" part the best.(also getting the "good" monster endings)
I'm at my first playthrough and so far I've been a supporter of the Order through and through. I'm at Chapter V now and I can really see the horors of war in both sides of the conflict. The Order kills the nonhumans mercilessly wherever they can find them while the Scoia'Tael do the same, not only to combatants, but to wounded people as well. Not to mention the fact that they will kill any Elf or Dwarf that doesn't support their cause.I think it was clear that I would be against the Scoia'Tael ever since the first chapter, when I slaughtered them while protecting Haren's merchandise. At that time I wasn't really against them, just that I was minding the interest of my employer. When those Squirrels told me that if I stood in their way they would kill me I told them my final point of view on the matter-walk away or we'll reason with each other the hard way. Since they were pretty desperate, we had a dissagreement and they ended up dead.Things went from bad to worse since then. I met Siegfried and he helped me in the sewers and when entering the dike. He seemed like a swell guy. When I found him in the swamp with a company of Order soldiers I helped him, not wanting him to get hurt. I found the Scoia'Tael and killed them all. I also met Yaevinn and tried to help him deliver a letter to Golan Vivaldi. When Vivaldi got arrested I got him out of jail by paying 200 orens just so I could send back a reply to Yaevinn. The reply was negative but I couldn't send it since I had sided with the Order. When the bank heist came Yaevinn told me to either join him or fight him. I told him I didn't want to kill humans because of some narrow-minded ideals so I fought his men and killed them along with Siegfried.When the village hostage situation came I got Alvin out of there then slaughtered what Scoia'Tael remained after the Order attacked. Before that I had helped the Squirrels at the camp with food and whatnot but I found their actions as unreasonable and desperate. As was said before, the difference between "terrorist" and "freedom fighter" is dangerously small. Overall, I find the conflict between the Squirrels and the Order to be one of the best conflicts where you can pick sides ever in videogame history. Both sides have their flaws and both sides have their reasons as well. The fact that neither is portrayed as inherently good or evil makes choosing between them so hard. Once you make a choice, however small it may be, against one side however I can guarantee that you're going down a spiral of violence and support for the other side. At least that was the case of my Geralt and the Order. In the end however, I'd say that those who choose no side whatsoever are commiting the greatest evil. It comes to a point where you must choose, where neutrality will cost you dearly. Order or Squirrels, either one is ultimately the lesser Evil when compared to the other.
I dunno... I never found Siegfried helping me in the sewers to be enough of a reason for me to help him out in the swapm. Nor did Yaevinn's arrogant attitude do much in ways of persuading me to side with him instead. For all I cared, if they wanted to get on each other's asses so badly, they could both damn well splosh their own ways through the swamp and leave me the hell out of it. That swamp is full of drowners, wyverns and whatnots and taht's what I concerned myself about as a witcher. If Yaevinn wants to strike one for the Squirrles there, he might as well lead his squad himself and if Siegfried is so intent on taking the battle to the Squirrels, then he should damn well take the consequences and risk his hide for what he believes is right. In the end, I decided that sitting that one out is the best choice for me - it was their fight, not mine. Must say I was rather annoyed at the bank scene as well. Once Yaevinn gave his little speech on how I can't walk the fence when that fence runs straight through the battlefield I swear to the sky and beyond all I wished to tell him was "Watch me!", then turn around and walk away leaving, once more, the two sides to fight their own battles without dragging me into them. The one thing that made me decide in Squirrels' favor there was the fact that it all started with that noble whatshis name calling out for me, a witcher, to sort out the bank mess. I mean... What? Are there monsters there so a witcher should be called? To teh minds of most humans thre the answer was apperantly yes and that just rubbed me a very wrong way indeed. Top of it all, it was Vivaldi's bank after all, and he only got swindled out of it by, yes, human machinations so to my mind, the robbery was already commited way before Yaevinn ever got there. I have to disagree though that taking no side is the worst choice there is. To my mind, it's the best possible one. because, when all's said and done, both sides have their faults and are violent and blinded by hatred beyond any sanity and reason known to me. I slightly shoft in Squirrels' favor because it seemed to me that for all their bravado (including the Haren's Goods scene), they really had that back-to-the-wall-thus-I-bite air about them all along and that is soemthing I cannot but symphatize with. But still, just walking the fence and letting both sides have their own violence fest without getting involved at all seems the best solution one can take. Because there will be violence either way and the best (or worst) geralt can do by getting involved is shifting the balance slightly to one side or another and even that for only a short while while getting his own hands bloodied where he has no real reason to. True, neutrality does cost one dearly but imo, that is rather the point: you choose your side, your own, and stay out of other people's mess and if that brings both sides down on your ass like rabid dogs then so be it - You choose and then you take the consequences for it. Moreover, you choose and are fully prepared for and fully accepting of whatever consequences will come your way for it. Because it was your decision to make and now it's the time to own up to it, come what may. That, I believe, makes it the most honest choice to be made.
i'm with the order... my reason is simple: the armor...but i have to side with the squirells or become neutral in terms of women... sorry... ;D
The Squirrels only because i hate the army , i hate law and order and i hate "eternal fire" staff , forced to fight is very far from dedicating yourself to arms .
I'm taking side with the Squirrels because I hate the human approach to all the problems, there's nothing more destructive than the hand of man :) so I'm siding with the "non humans" :p
First Run I have been with the Flaming Rose, because I liked Siegfried and had hoped to influence him somehow. Appears it worked the other way around.Second round I was neutral.This time I help the non-humans.
:) I also thought about taking Siegfried onto the right path... But I guess the game itself prevents the player from doing such major alterations :)
And nonhuman terrorism, war crimes against humans and general rasism. The Scoia'tael might also stand for other things but there's not much knowledge that we can draw from the game. Of course, I'm not saying the Order is any better. These two factions give what they receive, in the end.
Knights becase they managed to make a much better impression on me during act I and II.OotFR has: Siegfried and his funny quests, cool looking characters and a blacksmith.Scoia'tel has: A dumb messager boy quest, they kill my fisstech vendor and lie about what i'm killing people for.I'm aware that the Order also has a few shady people i will encounter later in the game but i doubt the squirels would be better.
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