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Golyat - Why would anyone NOT include him in their deck?

I am not an MO player, but if I create any deck, I don't see a reason why I shouldn't add this card? I thought this will definitely get balanced, but apparently it is not. 10 provisions and 10 points seems like an auto-immune. Even if you don't draw the Crones (which eat from hand), you can deploy as the last card and get the best RoI ever in Gwent.
i used it with ghouls. but his deatwish gives your oponents a card ...
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Well, when you consume from hand (is this even possible?) or play him as a finisher, he's actually pretty good points per provision. The Question is if you can't find something else for 10 provisions which can give you more value because it has an ongoin effect or enables other plays later down the line.
Isnt Caldwell even better for this? I saw someone suggest it (sorry i dont remember who or where) - consume it from hand so its potential bad effect doesnt happen. And i think Caldwell is even less provisions.
Why would anyone NOT include him in their deck?
Well . . . for one thing, 'according to legend, Golyat had once been a knight who violated his vows, for which he was punished by the Lady of the Lake.'

Naughty, naughty.