Hotfix 1.11

Please, please zoom the minimap based on character speed. :(
Also, the world is full of slow internet speed houses. 14GB on PS4 for a 3 bugs hotfix is a little too much.. Re-pack/refactor source code and assets in smaller packages, to have smaller updates sizes?
Maybe, but right now as fas ar anyone is concerned it's randomised because that's what they're seeing, and in a way it is, because the games randomising how many of these invisible slot fillers are in an item. :shrug:
Its not maybe, it is like that as in the other thread guys used a save-game-editor to find that out.

It was also with 1.06 like that in the game. It also makes sense now, why the same item had a higher armor value, if it had lesser open mod slots.
Because this Me-Thrill adds 7 armor.

If you ever save-scummed to get max slots, you should have seen that lower mod slots had a higher armor value.

With the save game editor you could remove this Me-Thrill mod and the item had the open mod slot then. And if you added this mod to any open slot, the slot "vanishes" and you get the +7 armor.

The big question is: Why even add such a strange mechanic in a single player game? In a game, where you cannot change the amount of slots you have?

THAT is the reason, people used "save-scumming". It was all about to have max open slots. Just remove this Me-Thrill, let the items always have max open slot and people will stop save-scumming. (to a certain degree - some will try it to get better mods)
Has any work been put into fixing the conversation with Okada during the call that starts Sinnerman?

You know, how she just sits there staring at you for 30 seconds before a dialogue prompt comes up like you were actually told something.

It's difficult to give a damn about any of these updates after pushing through all the bugs and doing basically everything possible in the game. Thanks for fixing a game I already completed I guess.
Its not maybe.

The number of usable slots is random. The intricacies of how it's arrived at are beside the point

Save a few people who get their jollies digging into game code. I'm not one of those people. I don't need to know how the sausage is made to enjoy it. :shrug:

Also game is multiplatform Choom. Saving 'remove this mod' fixes things doesn't work for people on PS or Xbox. How about CDP themselves realise slot randomisation was a mistake and just fix it at their end instead? Then everyone's happy.
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Delamain-Questline is still not working !

- Epistrophy: Rancho Coronado

Cab can't be stopped / destroyed.
No call coming in and not answering when you try to call Delamain.

- Epistrophy: Coastview

No tracking, no call, not answering your call, just plain nothing.

I did the first 2x ages ago and all the patches didn't fix a thing, when it comes down to that Questline ! 🙄

Playing on XBox One X. 😐
I hope you guys are at least aware the game DOES NOT RUN WELL on pc in terms of performance and needs to be fixed. I have a rig well above the requirements and it still runs really really bad. Dlss also seems to have little to no effect on fps. I hope in 1.2 you guys finally address this as I've seen a lot of talk about fixing last gen consoles but you guys never once acknowledged the PC version and how the frame rate is still pretty bad on here.
Thank you for bringing back item randomization! Back out to look for legendary clothing items! ❤
I just ignored the legendarys for now. At low level, yes they can give a nice boost but after level 30 you can get the crit / crit dam mods easier that are better for that 3rd / 4th slot.
Hallo CDPR, please stop wasting your time with fixing or roll back the "Item randomization " thing. I don't get why people were upset with this. Random loot is random loot, and loading again or "walk away and coming back" so we can get a different item is IMO BS. Because to me, it seems to be an "error" in the engine code or something. Unless it is intended. IMO you have to fix bigger problems like "The Police system" which is non-existent, the NPCs, and other major stuff that you and everybody else already pointed out. I really believe that this game is great, even with the bugs, glitches, and missing features but you promised us (and yourselves) a "BREATHTAKING" game and not a great one. Great games are plenty out there, The Witcher 3 was Breathtaking and Cyberpunk 2077 should be also Breathtaking.
I was very disappointed with the release but i am not giving up on you. Don't make me (and the other fans) regret that.
hi guys love the game but I would love it if you play an enhanced campaign play tough with saved cars and equipment and creds especially to move on the hardest difficulty leval
So, you mean a "game +" mode :)
It will come soon i guess.
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Thanks for fixing the Takemura bug...

But this is a step backward with the the restoration of item randomization. Removal of randomization was a plus. The issue is that the items had terrible stats.

Legendary items should have max stats and max slots. Period. You shouldn't have to save-scum a dozen times until you roll a Legendary item that is properly leveled to you with max stats. It should just ALWAYS be so. (Honestly I would be fine with the static spawns of Legendary items be altered so they have fixed, high-level requirements too. The current incentive is to ignore them until you are a high level so that you do not get stuck with a low-level Legendary with terrible stats that costs an arm and a leg to upgrade, due to the silly exponential cost of repeated upgrades. Some folks might like the level scaling, I get it. I just don't.)

Furthermore I support Kadayi's suggestion that the mod slots available on items be standardized to remove the needless time-sink and cheese of re-rolling over and over.

That applies to crafted items too. I shouldn't have to craft a dozen of an item until I get one with a decent roll. The stats for loot and crafting should ALL be much more predictable.
Thank you!!!!! Applause Applause Applause
PLEASE!!! Add a lower deadzone below 0.0 on right analog stick options and better response curve on xbox.

It is very important for console players and no one seems to know it.

Thank you!
Thanks for the hotfix! Gonna wait a few more months for some stability patches. Thanks for the continuous work, I hope the game reaches the level that you advertised.
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