How to downgrade to 1.31 - GOG

Hi fellow WItchers,

I dont understand how I can downgrade to 1.31 on GOG. I tried this:

"Open GOG Galaxy client and go to your Witcher 3 pane. Make sure Galaxy client is opened at fullscreen size. Click on "Extras" button, like shown on the screenshot here, and then download "Witcher 3 GOTY Classic" Part 1 to Part 10, like shown here. Also make sure to disable game autoupdate (crucially important) and select English language. This now may take some time as Galaxy will need to re-download some files. Voila - you have the GOTY 1.31 now!"

But Im not sure it worked for me. I installed the classic files, but I'm sure in game my version was still 4 orsomething. Did I miss something?
I want to go back cause of the mods.
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Uninstall the game using GOG and then go to the extras tab and download 1.31 and make sure to disable automatic updates
Why 1.31 or 1.32 btw? I've been playing 1.34, and it was quite playable. Of course, they have fixed ability to receive and use bonuses from all 3 schools at the same time, but then again it was fixed long ago... the last time I used this cheaphole was hmm... like 1.12?
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