HUD gone missing after Following the thread mission.

Hi Guys,

i have an issue with one of the mission "Following the thread"

so after i spoke to the Witcher from Cat School and killed him, all my HUD suddenly disseapper after the cutscene, i dont know what i did but i tried pushing every single button in my keyboard but the HUD still missing as seen in the photo, at first only that save that was missing, then i reload previous save, and redo the mission again after that, all my save HUD gone missing. I tried re-install the game, restart pc, restart the game to no avail.

i also tried google how to fix but no answer can be found.
i tried to check the setting whether is there a specific setting for HUD and nothing.
HUD is Geralt stats, the map, his health bar, weapon status etc etc that shows on the screen is missing and no way to get it back.

has someone had this issue before? and how do you fix them?


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