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I have an idea for a future CDPR game.

Since it seems that making games based off of pnp's is now a thing, why not take on a sadly neglected but much beloved pnp franchise: MechWarrior/Battletech. If done correctly, you could have all of the aspects of a great rpg AND an awesome vehicular combat game. My opinion: It would be a HUGE hit. What say you?
As said by Sild, the Mechwarrior franchise already has a game due for release this year.
Here's some game play video for an idea of what that's about:

Additionally, there's a turn-based Battletech game that recently came out.
Here's a review on that game -

As such, those bases are already covered by other developers, so, it's not really a new idea, and CDPR is already quite busy with wonderful things, and as much as many of us would love for them to make ALL the games with the amazing quality they're known for, they don't own all the licenses for all the games, and, other developers will do what they do, for better, or worse, and, it's our lot to settle with that's on offer, or, spend our money elsewhere to show how we want games done.

Plus, we don't know what franchises really influence those at CDPR. From what I read there was a lot of influence from Cyberpunk 2020 back in the day and that led to CDPR seeking out the Cyberpunk license.

Thank Goodness.
I suggested the whole thing because I have confidence CDPR wouldn't screw it up...Unlike other companies I could name....
Ive asked if Ubisoft could make one, their engine makes everything look big, mechs are big already and their engine makes them look even bigger, so its win win solution, not to mention their "world details" arent so detaiiled. Especially old-school mechs were more bulky, broad shoulders, thick square legs etc. Remember AC Black Flag's ships? Those looked massive.

CDPRs engine just cant do justice to Mechs imho. I could be wrong here but CDPRs engine is more or less action oriented. Hmm, flying cars and such could make their engine unique? I wonder how big sacrifice one will need to do to get those though.
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Battletech, like Marquisde_Shade mentioned, already is a mix of great RPG AND vehicular combat.

You really should check it out. It's great!
The lore, cultures, character development, and sense of intrigue that was developed for the Battletech franchise really took on a life of its own. It's surprisingly deep. I remember reading a bunch of novels about a group of freebirths trying to make their way in Clan Jade Falcon. I was sort of enraptured with the universe that had been created. Especially when the group goes on a raid in the Inner Sphere, are discovered as freebirths, and are basically run out of the clan behind enemy lines. It was a pretty good series of books. (Can't for the life of me remember what it was called.)

I think a full on, TW3-style RPG (with battlemech combat mechanics in places!) would be pretty, dang awesome.