Mod Noob confused what exactly a script folder is images included

So i'm trying to cram as many mods i want in to my first playthrough of W3 on PC, my first attempt was a mess so i fully restarted and slowed it down.
Last try I got Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition and Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition - Lazarus Project launching script merger with these was a nightmare because i had to merge 120 times only for it not to work in the end most likely due to script merger merging things on its own and then me having no clue how to clean up afterwards, now i saw this in Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition - Lazarus Project 's installation description and realised I NEED TO DO THIS but i don't know what exactly a scripts folder is and need someone to explain to me what that is exactly :D View attachment 11262691
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i had load priority on Witcher 3 - Enhanced Edition - Lazarus Project and it still had a ton of conflicts and by a ton i mean i was there for over half an hour dealing with script conflicts some of which had no conflicts and i originally and i guess mistakenly thought wouid need no script merging needed going into that
I've never used W3EE, but I'd assume the scripts folder is inside the mod's content folder. To use Friendly HUD as an example:

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