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Open PTR server is now live



Open PTR server is now live

We’ve just launched a Public Test Realm server for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game! Its purpose is to present you with balance changes which will be introduced to the game in the next update. As community participation is critical to any successful PTR, please share your feedback and any bugs that you notice via a special PTR tab in our technical support contact form.

Keep in mind that the number of concurrent players able to access the PTR is limited, so you might not get in right away. When you enter, you will have a full collection of cards and your level will be set to 1. Rewards earned on PTR will not carry over to the main game.

GWENT’s PTR is only available on PC in English. To enter the test realm, you have to be logged in via GOG Galaxy client. Click “MORE” (next to the PLAY button) and choose “Settings”. Switch the Beta Channels to “on” and then choose “OBT PTR” channel. You can start playing right after the new build is downloaded.

The PTR server will be open till Monday, February 5th, 12.00 CET.
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When will the season end? There are very few rank 21 players right now (only 3 as of writing this reply) and I'd like to play the PTR but would also like to have sufficient time left to grind for GM or at least Rank 20!


No changes to create :( The dream is over, Gwent is officialy dead, at least for me.
It has been an amazing journey, but you decided to visit places where i can't follow you anymore. Thank you for great year or so!
Now it's time to uninstal.


So what are the actual changes? Can't find patch notes anywhere?

"Hey guys, the PTR is live! But we aren't gonna tell you what the changes are because it's more fun if you have to guess right?!"
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Whether the balance changes are enough or not - only time will tell, but I'm so happy about the card names! Card names are once more exciting and give a unique flavor to Gwent! Fabulous work!


AVK1995;n10362512 said:
Whether the balance changes are enough or not - only time will tell, but I'm so happy about the card names! Card names are once more exciting and give a unique flavor to Gwent! Fabulous work!
But what ARE the changes? Can you link me to the patch notes?


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Really like the changes! So glad you guys went back to the long lore names, adds so much flavor to the game!

The MMR system still requires work though. It's a horrendous grind and it's impossible for alot of people who have a job or go to school to reach rank 20.

Small detail: Rainfarn Var Attre would make more sensw than From Attre, since it's also Henry "var" Attre. Nothing important but I thought I'd mention it.
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Guys the ability to scroll a premium card animation left and right is back! I'm just gonna spend 1-2 days looking at all premiums!


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Commander's Horn seems slightly overnerfed :) maybe make it "boost 6 adjacent units by 3". Other than that, I am going to jump in it tomorrow. I feel it's mostly good changes though xD


Is it just me or does it defy basic logic to release something out as a test patch and NOT provide any patch notes?


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If I log in tomorrow and have patch changes pop up I will be mildly agitated.

Hopefully this PTR will last until the end of the Ranked season.

Lets not repeat the Midwinter PTR situation.


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Some changes I've found:

No longer SC on CA spies !!! ( Huray )
No longer Decoy on CA spies ( Well, you still can do that, but you won't get a card )


Elven Scout now 1
Dwarven agitator now 1
Dwarven Skimrisher now boosts instead of strengthening ( RIP Paulie )
Mahakam Guard now 4 but boosts 7


Clan Veterans are soldiers again
Savage Bear crashes game and lands in a graveyard immediately ( where it belongs )

Other soon,



So far so good, played 15 games or so and I must say I'm happy to see most changes.

Cards have 'regained' some weight, the act of putting them on the board is much more fluid and less annoying.
Card movement and hand management, mulligan (in general) seems to be improved for a more pleasant playing experience.

The balance changes look quite 'hitting the spot' imo...removing bad things like Tremors, spy abuse, SC abuse, Skirmisher galore, nerfing Ointment, nerfing Restore, adding 'doomed' tag to several units who needed it...the game already looks quite different, and for the best.

Matchmaking is quicker than before (as most loading times), perhaps due to the fact there are less players.

Slave Drivers and Elven Scouts are still there unfortunately, even if reduced to 1 power...copying enemy engines and spawning faction engines still work.

And finally, Names Are Back!!! (some elves and kings even gained juicy lore-friendly surnames :) )
That was incredibly important imho...removing Witcher lore would empty the game of its most important feature, which is the atmosphere.
The same one who attracted many of us ;).

After 1 month of complaints, I can finally write I like where the game is going.