Patch 2.01 coming soon (known issues)

I cannot play this game anymore since patch 2.0 and higher as the world adverts pop in so close to the player is a joke. Why do these ads not have mipmaps???. I am stopping the development of my Blade runner Proxima mod until this is fixed as all draw distance mods are now broken. Fix the ads please. This should be the devs highest priority as it takes all the immersion away from this game.
Just came back to say since 2.02 my game still has the same problem. All USB devices connected to my computer will, at a random point, with no logs or consistent cause, disconnect. This only occurs while playing Cyberpunk, not in any other game. I've contacted support but it has taken over a month and I've received no response. This issue only started after 2.01.
Bug no pnj help please (PS5)

im on xbox and it would often get stuck spinning on the save and would eventually crash. most times I could recover. this last time it crashed during some autosave at a point where it just hangs after I boot and login to my xbox profile. totally lost everything.
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