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Place to find out quest names by ID number?

MikeyWulfie;n9788721 said:
Hi guys, do you maybe have the quest code for this quest so I can start it? I can't seem to find it anywhere, I'd be grateful. :) [h=3]"Amidst the Mill's Grist"[/h]
It is only a phase of the main quest Q702 (La Cage au Fou), if you missed it, I am not sure if you can trigger it at a later stage of the main story.
Can someone tell me how to change decision, i dont want Keira to Die, can i change my decision to change her go to KM, cant load previous save.
TryEka;n9884851 said:
Can someone tell me how to change decision, i dont want Keira to Die, can i change my decision to change her go to KM, cant load previous save.

It is enough to remove one of the first two facts depending on the original outcome, the first one is for the case when she is killed in combat.
Can anyone tell me how or if there is a way to force start the "Finders Keepers" quest? I passed it by and apparently it disappears after that.
Hi all! Did someone knows how to end the quest wheree witcher needs to find a pants of cat school. I ve got a bug with this may be using fast travel uncorrecnly. Now I collected all the parts except pants becuse the door is closed and I cant find any way to collect pants. I ve downloaded a list of a quests. But I dont know how to use it correctly. Help me please.

So I need to make sub-quest - "find a pants of cat school" - completed. I ve got this pants throught console but quest still active.
JulianDC;n10148722 said:
So I need to make sub-quest - "find a pants of cat school" - completed. I ve got this pants throught console but quest still active.
You can find the commands needed to complete the cat school quest at the end of this post. A list of item names that can be added with the additem command is available in this file.
Yes It helped. Thank you so much!).

I ve got one more question about the console.

I completed a quest with a Triss (Choose her and I ve got a cat-scene on the tower.) But later I understood that i dont like this ending becouse I decide to stay with yen. Unfortunately I ve got so much progress in a game and I cant return back and change my decision.

Can I make a game thinking that I let Triss go, on a ship using console. To start the friendship with Yen correctly? (I dont want to got end where they take a witcher on a bed and leave him alone...

If you will help me there I will try do my best to thank you like you want.
I know that in fact I should make something like that - deletefact(q309_told_triss_you_love_her) but I dont know how it works. I need exact command.
Hope I will find all changes in a game you can change with a console. Hope it works. I will leave it for others.

If you do not like the choices already made in these saves, you may be able to change them with the debug console mod on PC, but do this at your own risk. The following list shows all facts that are relevant to the endings of the game, those highlighted in red are true in the save files, while those in grey are false. For the others, the quests that set them have not been reached yet (** = only completed in the second save). Use the command addfact() to make a fact true, or removefact() to make it false. Try to avoid combinations of facts that make no sense.
  • addfact(q110_calmed_down_ciri) - had a snowball fight with Ciri after The Battle of Kaer Morhen (good choice)
  • addfact(q110_visited_emhyr) - visited Emhyr with Ciri after The Battle of Kaer Morhen (required for empress ending)
  • addfact(q110_refused_reward) - did not accept the reward from Emhyr for bringing back Ciri (good choice)
  • addfact(q310_ciri_faced_lodge) - let Ciri talk to the Lodge alone (good choice)
  • addfact(q210_gave_lara_necklace) - did not let Ciri destroy Avallac'h's lab (bad choice)
  • addfact(q210_skjall_done) - went to Skjall's grave with Ciri (good choice)
  • addfact(q309_completed) - completed Now or Never
  • addfact(q309_triss_lover) - romanced Triss in Now or Never
  • addfact(q309_triss_stayed) - romanced Triss in Now or Never (you need to set both this and the above fact)
  • addfact(sq202_yen_girlfriend) - romanced Yennefer in The Last Wish
  • addfact(q206_completed) - ** helped Cerys or Hjalmar after the massacre in Kaer Trolde
  • addfact(q206_hjalmar_king) - ** Hjalmar is king of Skellige
  • addfact(q206_svanrige_king) - ** Svanrige is king of Skellige (remove both this and the above to make Cerys queen)
  • addfact(mq3035_fdb_radovid_dead) - assassinated Radovid in Reason of State
  • addfact(mq3035_free_temeria) - killed Dijkstra in Reason of State (add both this and the above = Nilfgaard wins, neither = Radovid wins)
  • addfact(mq3035_fdb_roche_talar_dead) - let Dijkstra win in Reason of State (add this and Radovid dead = Dijkstra wins)
  • addfact(q109_keira_to_radovid) - completed Keira's quest line and let her go to Radovid (and die)
  • addfact(q109_keira_to_km) - sent Keira to Kaer Morhen
  • addfact(q109_keira_defeated) - killed Keira
  • addfact(q301_godling_sara_peacefully) - let Sara the godling stay in the house
  • addfact(q302_whoreson_dead) - killed Whoreson Junior
  • addfact(sq312_fdb_ves_end) - helped Ves in the village
There are console commands for changing the various ending choices in the save games thread. Although while they are obviously useful when using someone else's saves or to work around bugs, I would prefer to stick with decisions I already made myself. Even if I am not entirely satisfied with the outcome, the possibility of that is part of the game, and it gives more reasons for replays. :) Anyway, the correct command for removing facts is removefact, and in your case it is better to remove the facts mentioned in the other thread, since q309_told_triss_you_love_her serves a different purpose.

Edit: never mind, you already found the list while I was typing this post. One more note on q309_told_triss_you_love_her, this fact is used by a script in the game, if it is not present, then the other two facts are removed. This was introduced as part of the "Let's try again" bug fix in patch 1.05. I do not know exactly when the script is activated, perhaps only when loading saves from an older version of the game. So, the fact is useful mostly to add when enabling the Triss romance ending, to make sure the patch will not remove it later (which may or may not happen, but it apparently did for some people when they played Blood and Wine with their old saves).
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Does anyone know quest of "Gven: Velen Players". I missed the bloody baron's gwent card. But i want to get all of cards in game. Please help i don't know what to do.
crazyamrit_95;n10202962 said:
can someone give me the quest id for gwent skellige style, because every time to ask Sjusta' to play gwent my game crashes
It's addfact(cg200_sjusta_defeated) in console.
Hi! I have a problem in this quest "Big Feet to Fill: The First Group". I am decide to finish this quest using concole because i have a bag with it. And someone know ID of this quest? I will be very happy if someone help me with it!
Hi, anyone know the command to force complete the Redania's Most Wanted quest? I had to force it into my quest log but the quest marker is there so I can't complete it.
Hi! Does anyone know how to reset the b&w quest "extreme cosplay"? (im right before the entrance where it fails) I think i need its quest id, but i couldnt find it inthe file of sv3672. And what commands should i use?
I know that this thread is quite old, but it would still be cool if anyone knows.
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