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Player profiles available now on!



Player profiles available now on!

Until now, your player profile was only accessible within the game client. We wanted to change this, so we would like to introduce a new feature on our website - shareable player profiles!

Similar to the functionality in the game, after logging in on the website you can check your statistics such as your rank, the Ranked Ladder and Pro Ladder MMRs, cards collection progression and more!

Additionally, you are able to share your results with friends on Facebook and Twitter!
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I know it's a work in progress, but it's still missing the player's title and favorite card. Other than that, amazing job.


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Nekro.Dan;n10763601 said:
So I take it console players are left out of this for the time being? FeelsBadMan
Yep, as soon as I saw the GOG login I knew that as a PS4 player again I will not be able to benefit from a new "feature". FeelsBadMan indeed.


ErraticSpawn;n10763741 said:
Yep, as soon as I saw the GOG login I knew that as a PS4 player again I will not be able to benefit from a new "feature". FeelsBadMan indeed.
We would love to have that feature available for console players as well, so who knows! Hopefully in the future it will change.


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As a console player this is much preferred to balance changes/any update as to when/if that will happen in the future.


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Without wanting to insult anyone or degrade the good work you've done on this, I have to say that 1) this is not at all what we were expecting after 2 months of no changes and 2) it feels a bit unfair for console players not to benefit from that.

Other than that, hope you address that and the other issues making the game less enjoyable than it can be soon :)


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When is CPDR going to do something that benefits console players (like fixing bugs)? Really get the feeling that console players always draw the shortest straw. Don”t mean to be salty but I really wish that it was made clear when downloading this game in the PS store, that the game is better played on PC.
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Great work.
It can be the beggining of something really big to increase the active player base of gwent ... I can imagine a light, playable, browser-based version of gwent in the forge ...


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alexandr22;n10763201 said:
This is good.
Snake_Foxhounder;n10763261 said:
Isn't it?

Cookie to whoever gets the refference.
Final words of Big Boss
I still don't know if he meant just the cigar or how a decades spanning story had resolved. I guess it was both.

pie_ka;n10764991 said:
that the game is better played on PC
One would think console peasants would have realized this applies to all games :p
Just joking, I do all of my non-Gwent playing on PS4.


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interesting, not much use to me personally, still buggy concerning card counts (completely ignores premiums, may count un-milled overages)

for those complaining that it isn't some other fix or w/e, please remember that the person coding web pages is generally not the person coding the game, balancing gameplay, writing the database, etc. this isn't A instead of B, it's A while B is being worked on by someone else. Development is only 'either/or' when it's in the same category, and even then there's usually overlap.


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yup, the premium problem is pretty prevalent. I have 3 transmuted decks, Wild Hunt, Spies and Reveal

My profile shows 1k NG wins, 800 MO wins and for the one faction I am "missing" half the cards, for the other at least 30 :p I found that ironic xD


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I play on PS4 mainly, and my profile shows up when plugged in after "". Seems like console players are getting mixed results at this point. Maybe give it a shot?

Nothing mind-blowing, but a nice option. Now for that roadmap....:look: