Please bring back invincibility during scripted car chases

Like the title says, please bring back invincibility during scripted car chases, the car chases in the Nomad prologue and the one in Johnny's memory are very unfair on very hard, enemies can take a third of my health bar even before V decides to shoot back, it's jarring to have to lower the difficulty to get through it.
I remember in earlier versions V was invincible during those chase scenes, I don't understand why this was changed.
I had the same problem, these actually seem impossible on Very Hard. In the one during Johnny's memory they start shooting you and dealing huge damage before Johnny is even ready to shoot back. I had to put the game on easy just to get past both of these car chases.
same here.
The main problem is that we can't kill the driver on those chases.
I was able to finish a gig added in patch 1.5 or 1.6 on veryhard by using a sniper and destroy vehicles instead of shooting the driver. but on other car chases, it's just impossible ATM.
I don't think you should be invisible during these scripted sequences and I don't remember it ever being that way, in fact on release I recall dying multiple times during the first (non nomad) scripted chase scene with Jackie. The scenes are practically impossible on hardest difficulty though and I don't like having to change the difficulty just to pass these scenes so they definitely should change it. In fact they should rip them out completely and make them non scripted but that obviously isn't going to happen, but they should never do this again in future cyberpunk games because even without this new problem the scripted chase scenes are boring and stupid.

I did read that one dev was watching a stream where the Johnny scene came up and apparently they are looking into it, but don't quote me on this because it is third hand hearsay.
Nomad start at least I had a good run with the bullets, hitting pretty much constantly, reloading goddamit and no one died. I figured it was because I was unused to the game (had forgotten also what button did the med pack)

I switched the difficulty back down to Normal and tried again and all was fine but I felt I should have killed a few of them at least on very hard
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