[POLL] Well. Here at last.


Launch is Nigh! How are you feeling?

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man, i have been waiting for this game for so long. I remember the time that i was learing the song of the teaser trailer. I could sing that song trough the whole way. It was super cool to hear the start of that song on E3
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Very excited to play. I've been waiting a long time and it looks good.
A little surreal. Especially since I was wondering what a sci-fi RPG from CDPR would look like before it was even announced, and I'll have my grubby little paws on it next week.
I'm excited for the game and the world and can't wait to explore it all. I'm going to put a ton of hours getting fully immersed and developing my character through their adventure. December 9th at 4pm PST can't come soon enough!! :)

What I don't like - The Marketing
What concerns me is it feels like CDPR doesn't think that Cyberpunk can sell on its own, meaning they got Keanu Reeves and a TON of Youtubers/Influences to thrown in the game for marketing purposes (and all not in a subtle way). They weren't added just for the fun of it as small easter eggs. It shouldn't bother me, I know, but the game would sell perfectly fine and smash all records without all the influencers. They don't need them and it just looks a little desperate frankly.

Also remember the t-shirts for the privileged people stating that got to play CP2077 before release so they could effectively brag about it? Normal swag from an event nobody would care. Enabling people to brag about their privilege?
Ok, I got ants in ma pants now. Received the e-mail yesterday arvo saying that the balance from my CE pre-order will be taken today. So she is ready. Bonnging.

Well it is now after 1500 hours and nada. Usually it goes pretty early, so...yeah.

I gotsta go now & won't be able to check (& then break out the happy dance) until at least tomorrow.

I don't know if I can ever feel hype again. The delays have put me through hell. There is just a great cold pit inside me.
I don't think it'll really sink in until about an hour or so into the gameplay. But yeah, I'm just excited to be in the single digits of days left.
Even through delays I never stopped feeling the "hype" (not really sure if my definition is the same but). I mean, video games are a hobby. And they get delayed sometimes and it sucked it was. But video games are a hobby. They shouldnt be anything more than that and I feel down when I have to wait a longer but understand its not exactly a "definitive" process.

Any way. game is out in almost 6 days! Lets have fun regardless of expectations and hype. Im sure even if its not the perfect "rpg" or doenst have the perfect "fps" mechanics etc we can all have fun in the game.
Pretty excited. My excitement has been somewhat tempered because I won't be able to play it straight away; my PC's a potato and the PS5 doesn't exist
#6. With all the delays, content expectations vs. content reality, and general community and marketing mismanagement by the CDPR execs, I'm a bit numb to the whole thing. I'm looking forward to the game, but neither particularly excited nor worried. I think it will be good. I hope it will be great. But I have plenty of other things to do if not. So, it's not that big of a deal to me one way or the other.
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