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Quest/Contract During the Faction Challenge doesn't Count for the Achievement

Basically i'm trying to do the PATRIOT Achievement / Contract.
I was 14/25 during the start of this event and already completed the 1st two quests - still 14/25 ...
Is this visual bug or for real?
Current Underdog leader challenge progression does NOT add to the respective contract for Skellige faction.

I'm talking about "Complete X tasks while supporting Skellige during a faction challenge event". Counter does not increase.
Same here ... seems to be rigged ... (i did choose Demavend and no progress to NR contract).
From what i see , it's still now fixed.
Basically , there is no point of doing the event quests , because i don't get them count towards the 25 Quests Achievement that unlocks the NR Border.
Any info if this is going to be fixed and are we getting the quests already done counted?
After logging few minutes earlier , all i can see is that my 2 quests are still not counted towards the achievement and i really want an answer - are we getting a fix?
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I just did the 3rd part of the Event Quest and my Achievement / Contract is still 14/15.
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I have the same problem.

Completed 4 quests with demavend, but the achivement slider that counts nothern realms challenge quests didn't moved.
The Achievement / Contract is still not refreshed and there is still no info if it will be.
I have the same issue. I completed all 5 quests for Demavend, but I only got 1 point and not 5, whereas previously when I completed all 5 quests I got 5 points for them.

Is this going to get fixed?
+1 Done 5 quests for Harald and Outlaw [Complete x quests while supporting Skellige during a challenge event] is not counting up.
I finally got 1 win counted but i still miss the first 3 of the Event and i want compensation or at least official answer that i won't be compensated.
Yeah, its definitely not working properly, and i idont know if they'll be able to fix it retroactively, so the players who already did the quests can actually get their earned progress.

It sucks, specially for veteran players who have no use for scraps, kegs and XP, and only want Reward Points, to which Contracts are associated with.
RED Points: rrc
I completed the 5 quests for Jan, but my nilfgard tracker only counted 2... displaying 2/3 for the "Spy" contract.
Is there any way to have this properly refreshed and counted?
edit: nevermind, found the technical support place for it, filing a report there
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I support King Demavend III during this challenge and I have same problem. I made 4 leader quests, but only 3 of them were counted towards "support Northern Realms during challenge" contract. It is easy to check for me, because it is the first time, when I support Northern Realms and I can compare contract with amount of points, which I supported with, during this challenge.

Could you please look into it?
Same for NG- i completed 5/5 quests, stuck at 2/3 and didn't get the reward for 5/5 the title "Division Commander". I hope CDPr fix it !!! :) Have a great day all !!!
The worst thing is , that here is no answer from CDPR.
It seems they cannot compensate people , and they know that whatever they answer will work against them.
Basically , they give the players event with promises of certain things - which are not rewarded to the people completing the tasks.
Stuff happening every goddamn event.
Are we getting compensated or not?