Screenshot: Triss Merigold

uuuh, Triss once again taking a bath. Seems the sorceress isn't afraid of water and especially loves to take a bath... Triss' sexcard in TW1 ;-)
Heh, yeah, she has a little something with water & bathing :) reminds me of myself.As for the hair, i like em.. but i guess there's room for improvement :p we'll see.
Maybe Triss has a small touch of OCD going on. Thanks to the devs for keeping us informed with the screenshots and characters updated
I would like to see Yen in similar situation as well :phmmm does anyone here know how to create a nice pics (photoshop and similar)? If yes, please be creative and share something with us so that we can organize a beauty content between Triss and Yen ;)
It is hard to decide who looks better around water between Triss Merigold and the Lady of the Lake in Witcher 1...Picture looks great though!
I must agree with thislet us put in one bath scene all 3 of them: Triss, Yennefer and the Lady of the lakeI will not complain at all :pArtists and devs do your job now :D
I think this is a mission: impossible cause these three women will never accept the presence of each other in one pool. They all long for one man... okay, maybe the Lady of the lake not so ardently.
Actually, I think Yen and Triss might have shared a bath or two before Yen met Geralt 8). Maybe they can sort things out.
OK then, I accept the sacrificeI will be in bath with them so that they can focus their full attention on me and not on each other! ;)Oh this will be so hard oh oh oh :p
Looks like some pretty swanky surrounds to have a bath in, I applaud Triss' sense of taste and style in this particular regard :) After all, a girl's gotta be comfortable, right? :p
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