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Well though this fix does work with 1.07 there seems to be a problem with autohotkey and my G19 macros. Pretty hard to pause the game in the middle of combat to get nice screenshots if you're forced to type like a machinegun. Maybe there is a workaround for this.

When I record delays within the G19 macro [F2 up up Enter F2 -> switching between testpause() and testunpause() ] it works perfectly fine. Since 1.07 the game seems to ignore too frequent key mashing. Maybe it's possible to alternate the scanning rate in an .ini file or something. In this masterpiece of a game every millisecond counts :(
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Some "different" ones. SORRY about the FLOATING swords. lol

Had to enable Noodleworks because of wolves. The FPS drops were real.

Also this forest at night is scary as fuck. Lots of strange and loud monster sounds and it literally gave me chills.
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@Mezziaz you can mess with the free camera's FOV and also turn it when using a controller. Idk what button does it on keyboard.

Now, trying to compensate those 3 relatively bad shots:

I'm legit luving Wolf armor! Looks so cool!

I promised Ciri screenshots... Coming soon.
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@tahirahmed Well, when i find a spot that i judge good for a screenshot i keep meditating until i get a nice skybox. I tend to get good ones at:

3:00 AM, 4:00 AM, 5:00 AM (Amazing night skybox, generally beautiful Dawn)

7:00 PM, 11:00 PM, 12:00 PM (Nice purple sky in Skellige, nice moon placement)

And during the day, any time between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM can be good, though i tend to get more "buffy" clouds after/closer to 12:00 PM

(These are the times that worked best on Skellige, though from my experience they are the best on Velen too. But then again, i think i've posted 0 shots of Velen, lol).

By meditating a lot between all these time periods i've seen a lot of beautiful stuff =)

High places with a good view on forests, mountains or just a cool building (like my lighthouse screenshots) provide very good shots if you want focus on the sky.

When you get a skybox that sucks big time, just medidate to that time again until it changes to a beautiful one. But i'm 100% sure that amazing ones can happen at the times i described.


Cirilla! Some are kinda bad, but i took them all in a hurry yesterday because i had to sleep! Sorry!
The last one though... Personally really liked it.

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Postcards from Velen

A furious Geralt

---------- Updated at 06:41 AM ----------

@Mezziaz @Kidoki

Impressive screens! They looks much more "cleaner" than mine...especially the one with Ciri (hangin three) - Kidoki - And the same place with Geralt - mezziaz due to Yalm???
Beautiful screenshots guys ! love the large perspective :)

Btw is camera hack working now ? wanna try myself.


A friend of mine was asking about the difference between your preset v2.06 and v1.04. He said that he loose 6 - 7 fps with v2.06 while v1.04 has no performance drop so he want to stick with 1.04 but he want to know what effect makes v2.06 more demanding or better in terms of graphics. Can you tell me so I can explain him ? thanks.
What happened to putting effort into screenshots?

Sorry but that is very sub par, just the hud turned off and the camera tilted towards the sky with Geralt looking like an idiot.

Posting this kind of stuff just litters the thread.

Sorry, I missunderstood the topic Share your screenshots! I didn't realize it was meaning Share your Masterpieces][SUP]amateurs not allowed[/SUP]
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