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Silver and Gold suggestions for wild hunt deck



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Silver and Gold suggestions for wild hunt deck

Hi i am trying to make a wild hunt deck but cant choose my silvers and golds, soo far i like:


-White Frost

Any suggestion?


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Still figuring the changes to silver cards so I can't help in that regard. But as for golds, I've got some suggestions:
1. Avallach - due to changes to weather you might want to extend the match, which Avallach does brilliantly.
2. Geralt: Aard - got a bunch of enemy units grouped up in that one clear from weather melee/ranged row? No more!
3. Caretaker - because it's amazing as ever.


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I used OldSpeartip but its nerfed to much, so Aard sounds much better. 10x kaalev :)


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Yennefer the Conjurer still is amazing.
The Three Crones for the Silver. I added the last one to my deck (I got the first two from my initial kegs) and my win/loss shot up.
RNR. The thing is OP for sure at the moment...
At the moment Draug I have found to be useful but I wouldn't craft him.
Fire Elemental is good for a Silver Slot I find.
The Silver Dragon that shoots 2, 2, then 1 is also useful. Especially in combination with Yennefer.


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Golds i have : caranthir, imlerith, caretaker and ciri
silver : ocvist, jotunn, merigold hailstorm, fiend,nithral and fire elemental.
Bronze: 3 riders, 3 hounds, 2 warriors and 2 navigators 3 frosts and 1 alzur thunder.


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This is my deck and what I have planned for it.

Bronze Silver Gold
3x WH Warriors (Nithral) Imlerith
3x WH Riders (Aeromancy) Caranthir
3x WH Hounds (White Frost) Triss
1x WH Navigator (Manticore)
2x Ice Giants (Operator)
3x Biting Frost (Jotunn)
1x First Light

Triss is a placeholder for Caretaker


Granted I'm VERY new to this game but I started with a Monster deck and have focused on it since.

I find the whole Wild Hunt mechanic to be very, very weak and very situational. Compared to some of the other factions it's vastly under-powered.

How are you using Wild Hunt against real world players?


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rochambeau i am playing a wild hunt deck with great success till now. You have to understand the mechanism and you must have the right cards in deck.(see my post above for deck details)

if you want to try this deck and want some guides feel free to ask and i'll help


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This is a deck with which I have developed (and had some success with):


Geralt Igni
Geralt Aard

The 3 Crones
Artefact Compression
Merigold's Hailstorm

3 x Biting Frost
2 x First Light
3 x Wild Hunt Hound
3 x Archespore
3 x Drowner
3 x Rotfiend
3 x Griffin
3 x Cyclops

I try to have exactly one of the 'Crones' in my hand (Mulligan if necessary to obtain one or to change surplus 'Crones'). I also use the 'Biting Frosts' as a mulligan because I play one out of the deck whenever I play a 'Wild Hunt Hound'.

Round 1: If I have one of the 'Crones' I play it (This puts 20 strength on the board and thins my deck) then pass at my next turn. I either win the round or gain a card advantage. If no 'Crone' (it has happened) I favour an Archespore or Wild Hunt Hound.

Rounds 2 and 3 depend on my hand but I have some 'big hitters' via Igni, Aard (this can be used as a setup for 'Igni' or "Merigold's Hailstorm" or to activate a deathwish on a Rotfield), Merigold's Hailstorm or 'Artefact Compression' (this is good against a single large unit and an alternative to 'Igni'). The 'Wild Hunt Hounds' also plays a 'Biting Frost' on one of the opponent's rows (and gets it out of my deck). I like to save the 'Rotfiend' cards until I can hit a row with multiple enemies, then use a Griffin (or perhaps a Cyclops) to hit multiple enemies.

I have found it is vulnerable to 'Spying' and 'Armour' orientated setups but it depends on the actual cards played.

I like to keep a count of the 'Biting Frosts' played so that I do not play a 'Wild Hunt Hound' with Eredin unless it is the last round and I have played less than 3 Biting Frosts and I do not have a Wild Hunt Hound in my hand.

Depending on the actual cards in my hand and the opponent's play I can use weather or can play to activate the deathwish cards.



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What i would suggest is CDPR to add more Wild Hunt Units, specially silver ones. There are like 4,5 bronzes, 2 Gold + Eredin leader, but only 1 silver WH unit? I know Jotunn fits very well in the archetype, but WH deserves at least 2 more proper WH silvers (im aware lore-wise is difficult).


Mart58;n9789691 said:
I have replaced 'Jotunn' with 'Cleaver' because a lock can sometimes be useful.
In a Wild Hunt deck, Jotunn is pretty strong. I would recommend keeping him and dropping another silver instead. Also, with all the high-powered units lately, Morvudd might be a better choice than Cleaver in many situations.


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At the moment my main ranked deck is Monsters weather, it was tooth and nail to get to rank 16 for the first time last month, but it is still workable with the tweaks I've made.

In my experience, if you are using drowners, jotunn is enough. If you throw in a gold weather or woodland spirit/ifrit for a commander's horn target, Aard might be the better option, but jotunn has helped me win a lot of battles even without frost on the board (and I don't have aard). To me, the choice is between drought and jotunn or Aard and white frost, but jotunn is more flexible than Aard and takes less forethought. I also like monster nest: I run one rider to play iris into, and can always spawn another one with Eredin if I have to, so I have the option of spawning a buffed drowner or, most often, a 16+ strength ghoul in the final round as the nail in the coffin. With the ghoul buff, this has become a very solid finisher. I also run one archgriffin to slightly disrupt discard decks and give my monster nest a juicy target in round 3.

Only use your weather when enemy is going to have to go for a long round. It might seem obvious, but my passing game has to be tight or I will lose. I've had a lot of luck lately winning the first round and bullying them to win the second. If your mulligans and draws are weak, you can drypass to get a second chance and take them in round 3, but you really need round one.

Don't underestimate lacerate and dbomb as alternatives to merrigolds. I've been stuck with a dead merrigolds in the last round far more than I've expected. It doesn't remove targets for buffing from swarm decks or hit golds, and people love to row stack against weather.

I only run 2 hounds and 3 frosts. That way, I can just have eredin throw a frost or navigator to draw the second hound if I want a low tempo weather play to bait out a clear.
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Regarding the silver cards, I use the Jotunn and the three Crones. Also, Dudu who always saves the day in the last possible moment. :D


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I used to love Drakkar ship, but in the current meta, it doesn't find a place on my WH deck. Just summoned in rare occasions by Eredin.

Indeed a WH card like Jotun is quite necessary, and a few more to give a reason again to exist to Drakkar ship, that synergizes only with WH cards.

Lore wise, I remember the spell sphere the WH uses to teleport around, that would fit perfectly into jotun role.

The Eredin's sword could be another Idea lol.



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Without a whole deck comp and personal experience with said deck it's best you make the choices.

Some general goodies that fit almost any situation are lesser demons, regis, muzzle, etc. I'd recommend staying away from geralt: yrden though since you'll likely already be draining rows with frost. And on that note, if you're using cards to force enemy units to group together (like drowners), some horizontal poisons might be nice while Rag and Drought would be garbage.