The Vladimír Vilimovský UI Project

The Dialogue Options and Icons

Wow, this is incredible guys! I was really thinking moths ago how you would have done this part!
What about the complete skill tree with the extra slots from the Blood & Wine expansion?
Beautiful... Seriously, this is very good and I am glad that the team got this far and with this kind of results. Incredible achievements on every possible aspect of this project.
You guys are amazing!
Also Blaaaaaaaaaa

Nice work, it is nice that some gwent artwork got also incorporated. I asked about this long ago
Hello Lim3zer0 ,

maybe this is the wrong place for asking it, but while looking at the Gwent card designs of Vladimir Vilimovsky I thought it would be nice to use those textures. I know, that it is not possible (or to be precise to much work) to use them on the Gwent cards we play with, but maybe you could change the cards texture, which are laying around (
as meshes)
in piles in the game. Just an idea, because you want to recreate his art so this mod idea could fit in your concept even if it is no UI change.
If you don't like this idea I am sorry, I did not want to annoy you.
and got this reply from Lim3zer0
Honestly it would not be difficult to use those textures for the card frames in the Gwent game, its the missing card art that is the problem.
I haven't actually thought about changing the textures that appear on tables and such, but i can look into it.
So will you also change gwt_cards_d01 to use the art of Vladimir Vilimovsky? Thanks so far for the nice pictures!
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I wish they could release a timeline or an info board that shows how much was done and how much is left to do.
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