The Witcher 3 camera sensitivity problems on NextGen (PS5, PC, Xbox)

Hey guys! I hope everyone is okay.

I'm opening this thread to ask the people at CDProjekt for help regarding a bug I'm facing on the PS5, and I also noticed that there are other reports of the same problem on the web...

The case is that the movement of the camera up and down has some kind of bug because even if we just give it a light and slow touch on the R3 it ends up going up or down all at once very quickly!

It becomes extremely frustrating to play having to deal with this problem...

If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please help this thread reach the developers for a possible fix patch.

Below I will leave some cases of people with the same problem, including reports of the PC version as it is clear that the problem exists on all platforms, the issue is that in the case of consoles we cannot use any software to help with this, so we are left with at the mercy of some help from CDProjekt... Here it goes:

Additionally, below I am attaching a short video that I recorded here on my console.

Thank you guys!


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