The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan PL

Thanks for the fantastic mod.
Does this conflict with the next Gen Patch which will also update the PC version or will your files just get overwritten then?
Each time I watch one of these videos, or download the latest update, I am always reminded how visually rich The Witcher III is, both in its orignal form, and with the numerous enhancements from your fine work, Halk!
Man I really hope that this possible collab with CDPR for the Next-Gen update comes into fruition! You really deserve it after all the hard work and all the countless hours you've put on this game.
I mean, what you can give them is "top notch" work that they will have to create themselves from scratch otherwise.
I can hardly wait!
Easily the impactful mod for witcher 3 that you actually do not notice all the time if that makes any sense .. highly appreciated
I became aware of this big news because even the Japanese media had picked up on it:
スクリーンショット 2021-05-13 21.13.27.png

source: nexusmods. forum

According to Kotaku, REDs said "nothing is set in stone yet", but still, if it really comes true, I would like to congratulate him with all of us here and there. So wicked!
Yeah, after a close look I noticed some texture shimmering, also with vanilla textures but it's caused by negative textures mipbias.
However, I found a simple solution to this problem: go to all config files ("rendering" files from bin/config/base and bin/config/r4game/user_config_matrix/pc and user.settings from My Documents/The Witcher 3) and change "TextureMipBias" from -1 to 0. Also for better textures quality I recommended to force high quality and x16 Anisotropy Filtering in NVIDIA Control Panel for witcher3.exe (and the same for AMD GPUs).
After this, textures will no longer be shimmering and everything will be smooth and beautiful. ;)

I followed your instructions and changed the file settings accordingly. I changed the TextureMipBias in all the files you mentioned from -1 to 0. I really noticed some difference, not huge but the overall image became more clear, smoother and nicer. I also turned on 16x Anisotropy Filtering in my Nvidia Control Panel for Witcher 3. But after that my FPS began to seriously drop. In some locations it drops to 20 and lower. Usually my fps is from 40 to 50. FPS used to be stable. That's maybe due to my videocard's memory - it's 2GB. So I turned the Anisotropy x16 off and FPS count is now recovered and stable and doesn't drop any more. Anyway I see some aliasing on different objects, armor and so on, but its now much better than before. Thanks.
Excellent job nothing to complain about. I only have a small problem, the characters are saturated with red colors with dividing lines. I only use 4 mods and this one is the only one on textures.
Thanks a lot for this, HalkHogan.
I can't imagine the amount of hours you put into this, but it was completely worth it.
Thanks again for the hardwork!
Hello. Are you sure it doesn't work? If yes, install HDRP manually, and set textures to Halk Ultra HD in graphic settings. Then there will be no way for it to not work. ;)

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Great work, your mod. The change is even visible in my mod "Mattis Nostalgia", although I change a lot graphically with Reshade.
i feel like i followed all instructions correctly lol. look at the grass hahaView attachment 11391637

Well that s look like same path error with texture atlas, like with Beatifull Grass Mod v3 - there a CDPR in 4.04 now use system of two variants of grass_common. One in engine\reference_level\level_assets\vegetation directory, another in environment\vegetation\grass. So.. What version of game you use ? 1.32 or 4.04?
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