The Witcher Fan Art Thread

Definitely right into my fav Eredin's fanart. Just like I imagined him.

by Afternoon63

Here it goes..

Greetings, decided to share some Classic work from the witcher 1- Dice Poker Board. All manually and custom. Should i start a gwent project maybe? :p Good luck anyway! Hope you enjoy



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@Ljesnjanin: I like the cartoonish style and also good work on scene composition.

Same artist also has some Grim Fandango fan art. It's the first time I'm seeing any.

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Novigrad in Unreal Engine 4 by Adrián Rodríguez Velayos.

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Yenn by Basia Karbowiecka

Regis by Basia Karbowiecka

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Witcher fights with robbers in the forest by by Aleksandr Arsenov.

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Witcher by Ali Yağız Kâni.

That's probably Johnny. Fun fanart of him.
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