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Visual Bugs & Cards Being Stuck (Poll)


Visual Bugs & Cards Being Stuck (Poll)

  • I use GwentUp and I experience visual bugs

    Votes: 7 11.9%
  • I do not use GwentUp and I experience visual bugs

    Votes: 43 72.9%
  • I use GwentUp and everything is okay

    Votes: 4 6.8%
  • I do not use GwentUp and everything is okay

    Votes: 3 5.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 2 3.4%

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Invisible cards on 3rd round of mulligan, can't draw or see them. Lose game:(

So on my PC and desktop about ever 4 games I get to the final round and the mulligan part begins and my cards are invisible. It varies a bit but inevitably I cannot see them, or get a trace part on the bottom and cannot select them or finish the redraw and thus lose the game. So what causes this? Have a high end desktop and low end PC and occurs on both, so it's something other than graphics cards.



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Yeah my card shows in the pile to the right like your's and its just stuck there, and sometimes plays and most of the time I just see my game go down the shitter, sooo many times now I get a draw or search card, and as soon as I get a deck draw I see nothing and its pretty much game over.


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Can't see or use cards bug

Always happens after the first round is over. All of my cards get bugged and i can't use them. I also can't pass the turn or surrender.
Anyone experiencing this? I've had this happen 6 games in a row. This bug also occurs in Challenges game mode too.
Any fix? I attached a pic, excuse the crap quality

*edit* copy the link from here
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Same here, happened in 1 of 6-10 games. I won the 1st round, then after mulligan, game tells me that my opponent still choosing, I cant see my hand, cant mulligan myself. So after some time we autopass turns was a TIE.



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Same happened to me yesterday - was stuck in the "fog" saw nothing what I am clicking or which card I redraw and game was lost.

btw: I dont like the fog / "blindness" anyway, when opponent is still drawing cards
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Game unplayable with this bug, fix ASAP, cannot see cards in mulligan 3rd round!

So it's happening every 2 games now. I get to round 3 and when it goes into mulligan stage I cannot see the new card or even select it to remove it. I can sometimes click finish and it will start the 3rd round but I cannot play the card it invisible on the bottom of the screen, and god forbid I use my henselt ability cards never make it on the board from deck. GAME UNPLAYABLE at this point.


Nenneke "sticking" when played -- can not draw any cards!

This game is so bugged, i cant chose cards in 50% of games. Just lost 150 rating bc of it:
Screenshots have desclaimers.
Cards stucking in nowhere, phantom cards, etc
Video -


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Redraw freeze and/or Cards not showing up

I've lost quite a few matches because of a bug where the game freezes during the redraw phase, particularly in the 3rd round. Upon drawing the last card for the round with the option to redraw the card, when choosing to swap the card, the game will at times freeze or draw a blank card where you're unable to click or proceed forward. Doing so causes the timer to count down where u'll end up losing the card and ultimately the match as well.

This never happened to me in the closed beta, and I imagine this recently started happening since it went public. Has anyone else experienced this bug as well? If so, is there a solution or quick fix?


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Card floated and stayed in the center from ro2 to ro3

I played Emrion on round 2 and Gremist was one of the choices. I discarded two cards and when it was done, he stayed there throughout the game. I'm on Windows 10.

Off-topic suggestion: Please put the "Hide Cards" and "Show Cards" button on the same location. It is confusing for users to click Hide in the middle and look for the Show button at the left side.

Thank you.


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I had the same problem. I was playing a card and the other player forfeit (saw that because i got a gg from him) but the card was still floating in the air.
Even the time ran out but nothing happend.
Had to shut down Gwent to get out.

Edit: But i got the daily reward and xp.


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