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What Keeps you Playing?

I can't help it. Im thinking about buying the whole GOTY Edition for my PS4 after playing 280+ hours (2 playthroughs and the last one with both DLC). I just want to relive the whole experience.

Should I go for it? Since I can play it on a bigger TV with good colours but without mods for sure!
I just bought PS4 pro on December. I'm tempted to play Witcher 3 again with it, but maybe I should wait a bit longer until I can also get a new television. Oooor I'm just going to finish my current WIP playthrough with the old television, and then play it yet again if I ever buy that new one :)

I'm still not done with the game after 6 playthroughs. There is always one more playthrough coming up... Unfortunately I lack of time and there has been other games that I also wanted to play, so Witcher has been on hold for a while. But yeah, I'm definitely going to play it again. Just few days ago I played Witcher Adventure Game and only hearing that music in there made me want to play Witcher 3 again. I really miss that game. After all this time it's difficult to give any specific reasons why I love that game so much, or should I say that there are so many reasons that it's impossible to list everything... But every time when I launch the game it feels like coming home, or meeting a very dear old friend.

Yes, Geralt, we are definitely going to meet again.
Best game I've ever played. :) They do such a nice job developing characters and that's what I think stands out to me the most. The world is just so real along with the characters. Love that it's an adult game that has consequences of your decisions whether it's whether you decide to help a guy on the side of the road, or whether you choose to reject Yennefer in favor of Triss, adult quests with political impacts, sex, unfiltered violence, etc. It just gives everything a very real feel to it.
its an open world game with lots of things to do like upgrading your armor, playing gwent, and all the quest. i love this game!
If you are having a hard time keeping an interest in the game maybe you could try making it more of a challenge for yourself by increasing the difficulty or focusing on certain things, like only the main quests and the gwent card challenges, or the witcher contracts. Sometimes a game can just be overwhelming and daunting with a game this size and the volume of side quests. It is easy to lose interest when you have 20 side quests going on that have nothing to do with the main game to the point where you forget what youre even doing when you go back to the main story line lol or sometimes you just have to leave the game for a while and come back to it. I have even done it with this game and I found myself way more interested when I came back to it later. For me personally what keeps me interested is I play on deathmarch difficulty and I really like the monster designs they have in these games and I think they did a really good job in W3 and offered a lot of variety.