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What type of game should it be?

I wouldn't mind a more spacey game.
Something set in Iain M. Banks's The Culture series, perhaps, would be nice.
There's lots of ways that could work where one starts out on one of the gigantic intelligent GSV ships as a member of The Culture ...

Culture GSV.jpg

or, start out as someone on a planet unaware of all the other inhabitants and factions of the universe, and through some event or another comes into contact, or gets tapped to join The Culture, it's myriad groups of people and near god-like intelligence spaceships with their own personalities.
One could make friends with a smaller ship and go adventures. Switch bodies and/or modify your own to blend in with local populations of aliens with morphology different than your own that are unaware of advanced technological space-faring alien societies.

One could be an agent within the Special Circumstances branch of the Contact group, infiltrating and influencing the direction of local politics on primitive worlds -
"Although they (The Culture) lead a comfortable life within the Culture, many of its citizens feel a need to be useful and to belong to a society that does not merely exist for their own sake but that also helps improve the lot of sentient beings throughout the galaxy. For that reason the Culture carries out "good works", covertly or overtly interfering in the development of lesser civilizations, with the main aim to gradually guide them towards less damaging paths. As Culture citizens see it these good works provide the Culture with a "moral right to exist".

The entire series is rich with atmosphere, character, and wild variation from primitive iron-age societies, and extremely technological civilizations that have built shell worlds, sometimes, even with one existing inside another unawares that they're living inside an ancient construct.

The potentials and possibilities within The Culture universe described by Iain M. Banks is vast and fantastically differentiated. One could be teaching barely sapient primitive aliens how to make fire and kill things with rocks, go fight in battles with horse, armor, and sword equivalent, or infiltrate a Star Wars-level technological civilization at war, to broker peace between warring factions, or tip the balance in favor of one over another without them ever knowing you're from an outside source of intergalactic influence.
An RPG. But not a delibarate action-RPG, nor a mishmash genre-pizza that doesn’t even know itself what it wants to be.
I would like an RPG set in a school setting. Something very similar to Rockstar's Bully.

There would be a predefined character (like Geralt of Rivia) with skill points and classes.

You could spend skill points on different school subjects like Mathematics, English, Phys Ed, etc

Then there would also be ability points, and these could be spent on human attributes such as Strength, Intelligence, Charisma, etc.

And the classes could be something like Jock, Nerd, Outcast, Popular Guy

Romances could be your own classmates in the game.

I've really wanted another game set in a school environment, and the rumors for Bully 2 are just not enough for me.
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With Cyberpunk 2077 seemingly leaning more towards immersive sim territory with the stealth, multiple approaches to missions, etc., I'd honestly love to see another medieval fantasy game, but with everything they've learned from 2077 applied to it.

Some people get sick of medieval fantasy, but I honestly never do. I could play in constantly-updated versions of Skyrim (by updated I don't just mean graphics), with similar architecture, for the rest of my gaming life and be perfectly happy to do so.
What if they hired some famous movie director, like Quentin Tarantino for example. Use Celebrities and famous movie directors could work as driving force for whole company in fact, at least put them apart from other companies, as far I know GoG doesnt do well. Tarantino + couple hit celebrity chick to shake their butt, sounds like win to me.