What would Fix the game for you?

I'll say it again.....

release an "officially supported", cross platform user-end tool suite for modders. That alone would cut 75% or more of the current dev workload it's now taking to fix the game.

I'm pretty certain there's enough of us ready and chomping at the bit to get to fixing, re-adding, and creating content for this game.

Make it happen. ;)(y)
True dat... I can think of at least 10 ways to make the stat, perk, gear and crafting systems 100 times better then they are right now. Pity I'm sh*t at coding, though. :D
True dat... I can think of at least 10 ways to make the stat, perk, gear and crafting systems 100 times better then they are right now. Pity I'm sh*t at coding, though. :D

That's why a decent suite of tools is necessary.

I don't want to have to learn 6 different tools to create a single mod to fix something an official kit (built from the same tools used to create the game) could do internally. For a game of this complexity and scale, only an officially supported, cross platform kit will suffice.
Fix save bug
Fix the rest of the bugs
Add ability to update character features / hair etc. in-game
Radically improve fashion - add clothes, outfits that aren't tied to stats so our Vs can look properly cyberpunk and not like hobos
Like others want, I want life brought into the city.

I could literally spend 1 single day tinkering with the faction system in this game, and suddenly you're having a drastically different experience.

Like the NCPD faction. Leashed too short, and their AI doesn't take advantage of it's own tools. Like their cars. One would expect them to at least jump into one, and chase you half-way across the city for killing a pedestrian or another driver. Instead, they forget about you by the time you're around the corner.

Likewise, the gang factions. You would think there'd be some district border-conflict between them. With a little crossover just within the edges. Like small gangs of Tyger Claws or Maelstrom in Pacifica. That sort of thing.

And player joinable factions. Definitely this. You throw in with Tyger Claws? Well, no more NCPD gigs for you.

This game could be seriously slick in a few months time. They just need to give us official tools to mod and improve it, while they focus on the engine and performance issues.
Change in the direction (directors) of the game

General design and quest design, change in the script, to what is (inspired) Cyberpunk 2013/20. Executive and general direction of the game. If these were part of the problem *
Really would like to see people become a Gang Boss, CEO of there own company, or run a night club, being able to purchase a motel or an entire office building and or even become a mayor in game.
This guy - some may know him for years now - sums up the current state of the game pretty well - I share his point of view.
  • Some things are well done,
  • some are not finished yet
  • but overall you can still have a great time with the game (if you let it happen).
Like he's saying: CP 2077 won't be my GOTY as well, but probably after a couple patches. Only time will tell. :)

Hi Cyberpunk people

I completed the main story and all side quests
30 hours +-

what would fix the game for you? in your honest opinion?

we waited 8 years, is this what you expected?

what could the red devs add/remove/fix in this game it make it better?

More visual pre-sets for clothing, just to look consistent and nice. Rest is fine. Game is great.

BTW, I am 30 hours in the game and still in Act 1. How the hell did you do everything in 30 hours.

To me, the gameworld should be open to explore on your own terms, with your own character.
The way the game is set up right now, its way too strict.

To "fix" the game, they'd have to really work on those promises they made, about a world that reacts to what you do, with random encounters based on the missions you do, with giving players agency over the missions they do, and not have NPCs railroad you through them.

I was hoping for a true RPG game, where the social route was always an option, as they showed in the maelstrom quest in 2018. A game, where I decide to go with people somewhere or without... where I decide how I approach scenarios.
And on the other side, of course where the world reacts to those decisions.

I personally feel like, yes CP77 is a fun game. As "just another stock open world game" if I compare it with Watchdogs Legions, with Assassins creed valhalla etc. then it holds up, although its significantly smaller than those games. but when I compare it with the games that it compared itself with, the witcher 3, New Vegas... then I cant feel but cheated. It was supposed to be a better version of those games, not scrap the very premises of them completely, and offer a run of the mill open world.

Gameplay wise... srsly, scrap the looter shooter mechanics, add more visual options, especially for Cyberware, and ofc for clothes. To a degrees, where I am in charge of what clothes I wear, and what my style is, instead of having to gather random gear off corpses, cause two missions in, my legendary gear is outclassed massively by white gear dropped by any other gang goon.
And on "Style matters" as CDPR said themselves so much... give me actual options to play my own style. Not hand me nothing but flannel shirts and cargo pants.
I found two nice sweaters all game and two body suits. Aside that, its almost exclusively flannel shirts, Cargo pants, T-shirts and tanktops. And thats it.
Barely any corporate attire, barely any sexy attire, barely any gang inspired attire.

But in all honesty... wanting all of these things, because I was promised these things over the past two years... And because they are the reason I bought the game to begin with... I genuinely have no hope that any of them will make it into the game. For that to happen, they'd need to rewrite basically every mission after the maelstrom encounter, and entirely rewrite the story, to implement these options. To actually even get into contact with other gangs. I mean some gangs you meet in one or two missions in total... and some you dont meet at all in missions, like the Valentinos.
And it doesnt stop there, being railroaded to become friends with the Nomads is another real issue with all of that...

Anyways, my point is, the game is not what it was promised to be, and it would basically do a 180° turn to become that game. And it would take literally 3-4 years of 100% work of the studio to make it happen... so it wont.
So what we are left is a run of the mill Ubisoft style open world game... And it doesnt even do that well. Watchdogs or Assassins creed are just genuinely better in that genre of game than CP77 is. Doesnt mean its bad as that... but its not great either.
I just wanted a simple new game+, that would satisfy my itch for this game as I have nothing to do after I finished my level 50 build until they roll out some dlc, patches and expansion
Fix the game?
  1. Actual deep character customization, not the joke that is included in the game. Take a lesson from APB.
  2. Ability to win at the end, at least in one ending.
  3. Let me continue playing after the final mission if the world state allows it.
  4. Realistic difficulty setting (currently either you are a tank, or the enemies are bullet sponges)
  5. More interactive world (ability to buy food at vendors, more open buildings to explore not just quest related)
  6. Hardcore mode (need to drink / eat / sleep regularly otherwise loose stats)
  7. And ofc fix the bugs.
If these 7 points were addressed this would probably be my favorite game ever, currently it's just OK-ish.
Hi Cyberpunk people

I completed the main story and all side quests
30 hours +-

what would fix the game for you? in your honest opinion?

we waited 8 years, is this what you expected?

what could the red devs add/remove/fix in this game it make it better?

I have almost finished the game (not done yet the final mission just to finish the latest 4-5 side missions available), on about 40 hours on PC.

It's not what I expected by a game developed in 7-8 years (in reality, it seems that it has been developed in no more than 2 years), and below are few reasons:

- Poor AI (NPCs and enemies are basically idiots and they have reactions like other lower budget open worlds, nothing innovative here).

- (More) Poor Police AI: they have cars and they chase you only by foot, and only for few meters. Trauma Team is seen, during the whole game, like 2-3 times, no more.

- Spawning Police: probably, together with the totally absent AI of the police, the most terrible thing of the game. Police spawn from nowhere, even if you kill, stealthy, a civilian......even if you are in a totally closed environment.

- Textures not fully loaded, even if running on a i9, RTX 2080Ti and 64GB RAM system (but I think they will fix that, hopefully not only on consoles).

- A lot of Inventory-related actions available on other "RPG" games not available at all here, like "Sell All" button, a "quick sell" button and no item multi-selection (with related "sell selected" button). No item-related filters available ("DPS" filters on armors is quite stupid to see). No innovation here either (but even some basics are lacking).

- Polygonal interpenetrations and ragdolls: thes are, for me, the most problematic aspects. Even if the overall graphics is very good, I was not expecting so much polygonal interpenetrations between models, objects, NPCs and cars.....even in cutscenes. Absolutely no "innovation" here.

- Poor physics: the "physics" part is not consistent during the game. Flying objects during the game and also cutscenes are very awful to see, especially by a game that was intended as "revolutionary", but also several objects that should, at least, move a bit if hit....well, they revealed to be "rocks". No innovation on this aspect.

NOTE: please remove that "refresh" inside the Inventory while using/selling food items, it's boring and it slows a lot the inventory management.

Finally, i found this game, apart all of these aspects, an enjoyable, but also forgettable, game (in the actual status). The only thing that I found really "innovative" is the environment of Night City, but on the gameplay side.....well.....absolutely nothing.

Personally, this time I have bought this game at "Day 1". For the next game from CDPR, if it will be released before 2030 (and maybe really developed in 10 years, not just the last 2-3), probably I will wait for a discount.

In general, not completely bad, but absolutely not what I expected (and I can imagine how it feels by the others that were so hyped about this product).
Just finished the game after 95 hours, a couple suggestions/brainstorming ideas below:

- NCPD: Remove their immediate spawning at your location. Wanted stars should not disappear after you "escape" them. Make them accumulative after proper adjustments, highly ranked criminals should receive less of reward from ncpd quests. - Traffic AI: The cars at the very least should push away the obstacles in their path. Pedestrians should also be able to navigate around instead of freezing to a standstill.
- Enemy AI: Correct their pathfinding, so they do not get stuck in a corner or behind a cover.
- Keybind: Seperate option for dodge, and another slot for active cyberwares.
-Running: Pressing multiple movement directions (WASD) should not cancel running (hold).
- Driving: Increase slightly the effectiveness of handbrakes, and adjust the sensitivity of turning (Cars take way too wide an angle even if you only press A or D)
- Clothes: Remove the armor stat from clothes (Rarity should only affect the number of mod slots and their literal rarity of the pieces) / if that is not possible a system where you can transfer/switch stats between clothing pieces.
- Cyberware: - Allow wearing multiple layers of subdermal armor
- Kereznikov should be a manually activated ability and not dependent on movement
- Missile Launcher Arm should not prevent us from using grenades.
- Damage: Damage numbers are way too high in any build. Don't know, maybe stop weapon scaling after a certain level? Perks probably need some readjustments as well.
- Decrease the damage output of Tech and Smart weapons, similar how a muzze works. (ignoring the stealth portions well obviously)
-Weight: Stacked items (grenades, drinks) should be measured by the overall weight of the stack and not by a piece. Their description should include the weight of one piece and the overall weight of the stack.
- Journal Entry: - Journal Entries of Rides should include a picture of the car, the same one as in the text message sent by the fixer.
- Journal entries should include a direct access to relevant texts or shards
- Text messages: The number of subfolders makes it harder to navigate between them. Condense them into General / Quests folders (example: Cyberpscyho quests in one subfolder / Judy asking V whats up multiple times all appear in different subfolders)
- Shards: Ignore shards that you already own, so you cannot loot them.
- Crafting: Legendary and Epic Upgrades cost way too much resource. Maybe increase the scaling of the upgrade depending on the rarity of the weapon? (Assuming same dps, upgrading once a legendary weapon would be X1.2 multiplier, while an Epic would be X1.1 multiplier of the current value of the upgrades)
- Map: Legends should be be visible in free camera, and they should stick to their real position instead of moving up and down depending on your view
- Gigs: - Way too many, maybe pick 5-6 and make them exclusive to lifepaths (per lifepaths)?
- Make them where appropriate time limited. Nothing harsh, maybe a 6/12/24 ingame hour. If you did not finish in the timeframe the fixer messages you that the job has been taken by another merc.
- Calls. - Ability to decline them in which case the fixer messages you that she/he has a job for you.

I think these are the general issues apart from bugs that should be adressed in some shape or form before we even can begin talking about new content/dlc/expansions. Let's hope for the best.
I hope a CDPR lead stumbles across this, as I am going to try and make it as constructive as possible.

In terms of priority, I believe this would be the best course of action in my own humble opinion. Starting with highest priority and then descending. This is all assuming CDPR plans to support this game in the long run and/or CDPR has unlimited funds and wants to overhaul the game (if that's even possible via numerous patches)

1. bug fixes/performance/optimization/polish
2. Combat
3. Making the world feel more alive with more to do in it
4. RPG mechanics/adding in more branching paths or expanding upon already existent quests.
5. DLC that expands upon the endings or changes the endings altogether
6. Any future DLC in general

#1 is a given. For any platform, even PC. I doubt CDPR needs me to tell them this. #2 is something that desperately needs addressing after all the bugs are sorted out. I would honestly just consider dropping support for previous gen console owners. Cut your losses and focus on things that are more important, even if you piss off a legion of fans. Trying to get the PS4 version up to par would just be a massive waste of time. CDPR shouldn't have even tried to release this game on that platform, would have saved a lot of headaches.

To elaborate upon the combat, it is entirely too one-note in all respects. Every ability is a passive stat increase, and no matter which weapon one chooses, the combat remains invariably the same from start to finish. Melee consists of mashing the Right trigger button. And the lack of unique finishers for each weapon makes the combat even more repetitive. The combat, like The Witcher 3, never progresses beyond level 1. Leveling up in and of itself, is a boring chore that offers neither satisfaction nor reward. Only time I've gotten excited when I defeated an enemy was finding a new outfit option.

The difficulty curve also seems out of wack. Super difficult in the beginning, but then becomes a cakewalk for the rest of the game. I've heard reports of players one-shotting a certain final boss even on Very Hard mode. Too easy to break the gameplay and become an overpowered dystopian god. This probably goes back to my original point--too many stat increases in place of new abilities.

If CDPR can't do anything about the lack of role-playing, then my second preference would be to make the world more alive with more to do in it. More side-quests, more emergent activities, more ways to mess around would go a long way in making this game more enjoyable to play through. Restore all of the content was cut I suppose.

I don't know much about game development, but if CDPR wants to begin fixing the game's reputation and their own reputation, there needs to be some work done on making the game less like a linear action/adventure and more of an RPG. I fear there is little to be done here short of rehiring Keanu Reeves (super expensive, that) and releasing 80+ GB patches from now until the end of 2021. I am kind of at a loss here because this game has less role playing than Fallout 4. And I am disgusted to the absolute core that I can even make such an assertion.

Lastly, if I was a manager or lead or producer, I would put any and all DLC on the back-burner until the main game is fixed. I don't care if the DLC would be free, because that's beside my point.

"You chase after two white rabbits, you'll catch neither."
-Cyberpunk Confucius

If they insist on prioritizing the DLC, then it needs to fix the abominable selection of endings we got. Because wew boy, it's like a cherry on top of a shit sundae. This has to be the first game in existence in which one of the endings mirrored my own inclinations immediately after sitting through it. *COUGH *COUGH
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Well, still sold 13 Million copies ^^ I guess people just needed a new game THAT badly ^^.
More than half of those were preorders that cant be refunded. Another quarter are day one sales, that also cant be refunded.
And all of those bought the game under false pretenses... being promised a game, that it flatly isnt, And of course a lot of people wont have the will to go through some tedious refund process over 60 bucks.

The game that was promised was just so high in demand... I genuinely am looking at it now and thinking, I should've bought Watchdogs Legions or Assassins Creed instead. Those are joyless cashgrab open world games, but they dont really try to be anything else, or were ever promised to be anything else. CP77 is just the same, but it promised to be so much more.

And I mean it isnt even one of those cases where you can say "well what did you expect from that company" cause... its CDPR, they made the witcher, they should've been able to create the game they promised to create, we know they can do it. They just decided not to.
Many of the calls seem to focus on technical and quality of life improvements and those should probably never stop being added. The more diverse and structured customization always welcome, more ways to approach the gameplay and more weapons and tech to go with. More side stories and branching paths that introduce more of the characters in Night City. And more ways to interact with the city and its features from bars or restaurants casual people and night life. All those would give so much more life but for me personally these improvements while nice wouldn't fill in the major issue that i currently have with Cyberpunk. I understand that probably most of these are cut due to time constraints and the team was at some point in the close it out asap mode and had to sacrifice on many of these little immersive details.
The romance was for me by far the most impactful part of the game, while many features that we feel missing are available in other games I feel the way romance was written and executed in this game was so beautiful and unique and no other game rivals it. Nothing could ever be more rewarding and no new dlc that doesn't expand on it would get my attention. Most disappointed by the fact that there is nothing to do with your newly started romantic relationship. The lack of affection and interaction past the last quest is painful. Its like saying that you can't kiss or hug the person you just started dating...
This is just my view and suggestions on what would make it truly perfect if implemented.

1. Your character of choice for romance should be the only one that calls you by your full name after the start of the relationship.

2. Work on what is there already and build on it, randomize and expand the answers these characters can give us, its same lines atm, have them surprise us with different answers based on met conditions. If i ask Judy what new braindences she mixed up have her tell me 5 different things and let me choose other things to say based on her response.

3. More messages and text responses, this shouldn't be difficult but its what couples do endlessly so please. If they ask me what i want to eat for dinner or arrange a dinner after based on my response.... you get the point.

4. More quests together, casual or serious, romantic and sweet. Don't tell me that there isn't some misfit that wouldn't try get back at me tru my gf/bf in Night City, you can make so many stories its a damn gold mine.

5. More intimacy, option to kiss, hug should be somewhere in these responses we give to our person of choice. Ways to trigger more sex scenes with our partner, the ones already there are so damn tasteful and wonderfully artistic.

6. Don't make it easy. We want the challenge and sharp decision making to getting into the heart of ones we love. Triggering the intimate scenes should come with perfect decision making in dialogue choices and actions in quests/events.

7. Make more use of that apartment after they let us live with them i beg of you.

8. Let us take them with us in our car or on our bike on a mission. These characters are basically invincible and invisible anyways so just having them as support fire and some dialogue would mean so much already.
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