What would Fix the game for you?

Overhaul of the engine;

Repair the open world inconsistancys and 'side' quest spawning to be more in tune with play.

Slow the story down to make the 'side' quests attached to it fit in a more consistant 'required' manner.

spoiler - Give V a month to live instead of weeks (or allude that its longer).

Slow down the prelude, give us more 'open' world time to really feel V and make it more believable that we should be doing the mission given to us. Give us the options to discover the plot against us in the beginning.

Finish the 'half' made side quests that start but then fade away.

Biggest one, better access to fashion and fashion related cyberware. We need to be able to have alternative colors for our cyberware, also have the option of running a 'clean' no cyberware playthrough. Fprcing us to replace a perfectly working eye and getting a hand cybermod straight off is rediculous. These should feel more organic like losing the fight with Dex; if key moments where we lose or win give options to grow our characters story. Losing a battle should not result in having to reload but should give players the 'rescued' and repaired chance they deserve. Like surviving the scavengers BD scam.
Character design, full body cybernetics with coloring, better options for genitalia; ie none is not wearing shorts but is lack of. Nudity options should be left in settings not in character developement.

As characters develope and grow we should be able to collect tattos, change our hair or the color of our cybernetics and this would not be so hard to implement.

We need the game to play the way it was meant to be, not an edited version.

I have over 90 hours playing on PS5 and look forward to getting my play time to match my Skyrim playtime 2000+ hrs.

I will eventually getting the PC version and look forward to testing all the user developed content.
Honestly outside of the devs going silent for 8-12months and coming back with a massive hotfix & content update I don't see this game surviving January.

People are leaving the game into other things and no matter what the next hotfix is, it's not going to bring more people back since 90% of the issues this game has has nothing to do with bugs or glitches. I can say for certain that the issues this game has with bugs could be easily ignored if the game had things shown in the 2018 showcase, even if it was "subject to change".

These monthly hotfixes will address mostly these bugs. If you hope a hotfix done in a month or two is going to bring any additional content then I'm sorry, but not happening.

It'll take more than a monthly hotfix to fix this game.
Hi Cyberpunk people

I completed the main story and all side quests
30 hours +-

what would fix the game for you? in your honest opinion?

we waited 8 years, is this what you expected?

what could the red devs add/remove/fix in this game it make it better?

30 hours and you completed the main missions and side missions? Impossible.

While I think this topic should probably be inside the ''gameplay'' section, here is what I think they should add:

-Being able to sit on all chairs in the game
-Being able to buy appartments (and some customization would be very welcome)
-Customization of vehicles
-Make the main missions a lot harder as you progress trough the storyline, forcing players to actually do side missions and GIGS (Since they have so much to offer and I think a lot of players skip that)
-Mini-games (arcade machines, poker etc.)
-Flesh out the 3 origin storylines more so that they are actually different from eachother
-Barber shops, tattoo shops etc.
-I would personally love actual hunger and thirst
Removing level cap would be huge for me, since I really like maxing everything out.

...and I know that's not the "right" way of looking at the implemented progression system, I just have to treat every single-player game like a power fantasy. :)
if presumptuous children stopped making threads about things they don't understand. i mean the game works just fine for me so it's not broken, but that would make navigating the threads more enjoyable.
BRUH! I want CP2077. Not Beta Prologue Unfinished Misleading CP 2077 BRUH! Edition...
I am keeping this game as a reminder. It is so bad I can't play games. I haven't played a single minute of any game since I finished CP2077. 4 days ago I finished and uninstalled it. I don't care about winter / holiday sales. I don't care about unfinished titles sitting on my HDD. This is negatively affecting an industry. An industry we don't need. The games we need, but not the game industry.

Mission Accomplished.
This game needs a re release.

Historically gamers praise companies whom are willing to re release beloved titles properly.

CDPR would do well to state current version would be kept as is and they are remaking and re releasing the game in ~6~11months from now.

That would be amazing.
If it didnt crash every 5 minutes and i could play the game i spent $100 on would be a great start!!!!
Steam PC version on latest build crashes more than the first release version for me!
Auto aim would also be an outstanding feature to have. I'm sick and tired of getting shot at ten times because I have to aim first.
Oh, another issue I've had is that I've looted several items that showed as Legendary until I picked them up, then they were both Blue. I'm confused by this as two were clearly special weapons (Dex's Pistol and Yorinobu's Pistol).
Whatever I write here, nothing will change in the game, because it is finished.

Gunplay, leveling, loot, crafting, upgrading and balance are bad. Nothing is changed to game design approach since witcher 3. CDPR can't make gameplay, and if they still want to launch multiplayer in 2022, it will be the real disaster and their way to grave.
Woah, that for real man? Sorry to hear about that, I've been running mine in two rigs, one with almost the same specs (instead of a 6800xt have the taichi 5700xt) and an older one (2700x with a 580blah nitro+blah) and think that have an average of 50+ to 30+ on the other one, both on ultra, how amny graphic options did you change? film grain, blur, all of those?
had a radeon VII before , was running "fine" on the same system , but now i changed for the 6800xt the game decided to perform ultra bad ... that's the only game making this , unplayable ... paid for nothing even lost my savegames while trying to search for solution ... worst game experience ever
Whatever I write here, nothing will change in the game, because it is finished.

Gunplay, leveling, loot, crafting, upgrading and balance are bad. Nothing is changed to game design approach since witcher 3. CDPR can't make gameplay, and if they still want to launch multiplayer in 2022, it will be the real disaster and their way to grave.

They can and easily. Something that is laughable, it is so simple.

- but only if they know how to do it, which I doubt. They don't want to take 'risks' ... they want to follow the old plan ...
With regard to mission objective markers, it would be nice if the game would stop automatically marking them and to provide a way to turn them off. For example, if I'm in the middle of one side mission or job and another side mission interrupts me, I have to waste time reinstating the mission I was on in order to continue as the interrupter will override the current task. Another example: I'm at the point of no return and am cleaning up the map. I'm sick and tired of seeing the marker for Nocturne Op55n1 every single time I complete a mission. I'll get to it when I get to it.
A bit too late for fixing unless they do an NMS.

I love the game CDPR. But I hope next time, you tell the suits to f*ck off.
Personally, I think the game is a little too quick to push you into the main story. They could have made you run through a few missions and build up some street cred before getting you sign up with Dex.
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