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why i never win with NR ?

im level 14 so not that bad but i cant almost never win with NR i use foltest order or adda with reik that are the most popular in the web but no way…….
any help thanks a lot
The strongest seems to be a skeleton Foltest, maybe with Blue Stripes Comando
Myself I don't have like 60% of NR cards so all I've played was Foltest Pride Demawend with Yennefer and Seasenthethesis
Maybe Meve is good, but I've destroyed it even using Arnjolf, which in theory should be massively countered by her...
Meanwhile I can't win with anything, guess my deckbuilding skills suck.

What I am seeing alot is just boost stuff, botchlings, Seltkirk, Gaunter and so on. Include some of those, keep some strong finishers for round 3 depending on who you think you are facing and you should be fine. Check out YouTube or team Aretuzas meta snapshot if you need inspiration.
I also found Freddybabe's Meve deck to be quite interesting (a more or less pure boost strategy).
Meve immediately triggering all boost synergy, including Anna (and let us face it, Anna surrounded with 1-2 Tridams is a ridicoulous passive) and so on.
Everybody tries to boost his/her prevent bloodthirst or because this is the main strategy of the deck. Consume boost, Filavandrel boosts, many cards boost etc. I'm not surprised, that almost every deck contains Yrden. It's really hard to play bloodthirst these days for example.
TS, no worries. NR deck can be real good, even if you are new. I played with this deck alot, and I found Foltest to be the best leader at a lower level. You can destroy alot of your opponent with this deck. Many units are good, stripe commandoes are only good for some points. You can disrupt the opponents play with units that destroy their units, and the provison costs are very low.

Mauler 2x, dun banner 1x, lyrian landesknecht 1x/2x. Add a tamarian drummer in there as well. Base units. These take out the opponents good units. Then add things like dimeritum shackles. If you want to toss up some fast points, add the cow the the commandoes.

Absolute core in all my NR decks until now have been 2x thunderbolt, botchling, 1x reinforced trebuchet. botchling can be flipped if damaged, and both it and the trebuchet are horrible to have against you, as they do damage every turn.

Just stay away from the machines! Toss the silly wolves. Non of the 4 provision units are any good except for special decks, so drop them.

Northern realms can do alot, but damaging units and breaking the play of the opponents is one of the easiest and best tactics to begin with. I'm pretty new, but I have developed and won alot with this kind of deck. And I did not even mention any gold cards to you, so there is alot of options. Northern realms is also a great "charge" deck and a great "boosting" deck, so there are plenty of good tactics to choose from. A simple boost/damage deck is what I've had most success with. I'm trying to move to a charge/boost -> damage deck, but I'm still finding it difficult.

You just need the right neutral cards and gold cards to go along with your deck as well. But it might be a matter of taste. How would you LIKE to play? What is your style? NR might not be right for you.
if you just want a good deck has a list for meve shupe. I had a ~70% win rate with a similar deck on pro ladder. It can be surprising for opponents when you don't actually care about having a long round. You do have a couple engines that can benefit from a long round but you're really just a good stuff deck.
Say, if you put points on the board, while at the same time destroying their points, I guess that can create an advantage.