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Why This Game is Great



Why This Game is Great

This subforum deserves more activity than it's getting, so I figured I might as well liven it up a little.

Have over 30 hours clocked in the game, and it's been tons of fun! I think I've played a grand total of two games against the AI, as I prefer to play as all four characters simultaneously. It allows me to fully control the flow of the game - and makes the matches last long due to my playstyle (must complete all side and support quests, as well as tasks gained from Investigation cards).
As for online matches, getting the invite system to work was a bit of a hassle, but easily worth the time and effort. More on that later.

The gameplay is fairly similar to some board games I've played; collect X amount of Y and then go to Z with them, encountering all kinds of events and obstacles along the way. The game taking place in the Witcher universe naturally gives it a unique "flavour", though. The fact that all four characters have different strengths and weaknesses (that are based on established lore) adds its own fun factor, as it makes the gameplay a lot more varied.
All those cards that get drawn during a game are complete with art (the style of which is for the most part familiar from the three Witcher games) and a flavour text, which makes them enjoyable to draw and read. Even when a card's effect is everything but positive...

The board is superbly detailed and has a lot of cool effects when zooming in. Sometimes I like to just look at the pretty art and try to find all the little details and sound effects scattered around.

The music is familiar from at least Witcher 3, so it's high-quality and fits the game.

Online matches turned out to be a lot more advanced than I'd ever have expected. The "action log" that shows everything that players do is excellent! I'm not sure what my exact expectation was, but it certainly was much closer to an "opponent is playing their turn" screen than to the reality of the matter. I also found the chat feature to be a pleasant surprise.

Like any other game, this one isn't free of bugs either. I've mostly encountered bugged achievements, though... there's only one gameplay bug that I can recall running into, and even that is easy to work around.

One last note: it certainly took me several hours to learn all of the game's mechanics. There are so many things that need to be realized, memorized and taken into account, especially when making decisions. But in the end it's more than worth it.


TL;DR: Thread title minus the first word of it. Also you should totally try out the game if you get the chance!


RidiculousName;n9748161 said:
Also you should totally try out the game if you get the chance!
Seems to be great game indeed :) I was hungering for more Witcher stuff, so I bought this game few weeks ago. Haven't had much time to play it yet, but I'm definitely going to play it more.

Not sure if I have anything to add to what has already been said above. If you like to play board games and if you like Wicher games, definitely worth a try :)


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You guys add me on Steam to play: guioliveira1007

This game is really fun but people tends to spread the game sucks
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